Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday at the Table

The youth group at our church has a biennial dinner theater event, and I've been cooking for it for a dozen years now. The blog's been around long enough that I've already shared two events' worth of recipes (2013 & 2015), so I figured I might as well share from the most recent event last Friday night. Planning and cooking for over 100 was exhausting but very fun thanks to my terrific team of shoppers and sous-chefs. Here was our menu:

artwork by Josiah Greenlee

In the hubbub of it all, I didn't get photos of every course, but at least I have links for the recipes!

Yum, right?


  1. ok now I'm hungry! I bookmarked the recipe for those meatloaf cupcakes! what a fabulous idea. Would be an easy one to make gluten free

  2. Such tasty recipes! Love those Zucchini Dip Cups - where was that recipe when we had our big gardens :)!

  3. Wowser! I have been to a lot of youth church dinners and NONE have been close to this amazing! Wow! Feel kind of bad for serving so much pasta and pizza right now....

  4. After seeing all the images, I’m feeling sad that why I was not there on this weekend. This all looks so amazing and everything is beautifully placed.