Thursday, April 27, 2017


Having barely just finished my latest Faith Circle quilt for do,Good Stitches I feel like I'm jumping right into the next! Using the Kona Crossing pattern by Jacey/JaceyCraft on the Robert Kaufman site, I'm asking for something a little different this next month - just one 15 1/2" block from each bee-mate. I've already made 3 blocks in each of three background colors - Kona Midnight, Aqua, and Ochre. It's quite a unique palette for me, especially with the add-ins of Pink Flamingo and other shades of the dark blue and aqua, and even a few scraps of teal-green.

Jacey's pattern is of course, for an entire quilt, and in making just one block, here's what you'll need to cut:

  • 9 - 5 1/2" squares background fabric - Please make these all the same and in one of the colors I used - dark blue, aqua, or gold. If you have a Kona color card, check that your background color coordinates well with the colors of my blocks.
  • 9 pairs 1 1/2" x 6" strips - Each pair will be used to make one cross block. I actually didn't cut 6" lengths, but had longer strips I trimmed as needed during construction. Do what works best for you. 

Your block can have nine different colored crosses, though some duplication in color would be fine, like I have done. Please use at least 3-4 colors for your crosses though, in shades of dark blue, aqua, and gold. Feel free to add in Pink Flamingo or any peachy-pink, as well as teal-green, but don't feel like you have to. I've used all solids, and that would be my preference, but if you don't have what will work, feel free to use tone on tones. A little white or neutral in a print would be fine, but please have any prints read as a single color. 

Refer to Jacey's pattern for block construction. I think you'll find this a fun, quick block. I've posted in our Flickr group where you can check in, ask any questions, and post a photo of your block. Thanks for helping me make another quilt for good!


  1. Very bold color palette! I look forward to seeing how all the blocks come together for this one.

  2. Beautiful palette ! It looks like a fun block.

  3. It's very striking. I love the gold, navy and aqua.

  4. I love your colours for this one... especially the little pops of flamingo! This is going to be an awesome quilt.