Thursday, May 11, 2017

About Quilting

A quilting panel discussion was arranged for our Seattle MQG meeting last night, which was really interesting. Four of us shared a variety of info about our personal quilting routines. I was the only one that primarily uses a domestic machine, Matt/@odditease has a mid-arm, and Dionne/@dinglebobbins and Pam/@pamjcole quilt on long-arms. I wish I had notes of all they shared, as there was alot of good information, but no. So here's what I shared [in brackets], including some photos.

1) What machine do you use for your quilting? [Juki TL-2010Q]

2) What thread do you prefer? [Aurifil 50wt all the way]

3) Favorite marking method. [Hera marker (The others all answered after me and said, 'as little as possible." I didn't think of that, but that's true for me too. Also, I often use the edge of my walking foot as a guide. But if I do mark, it's with the hera.)]

4) What is your go-to quilting design? [The majority of my quilting is some kind of straight-line done with my walking foot.] Examples:

Matchstick quilting

Wavy straight-line



5) How do you prepare quilts for quilting/basing method? [505 basting spray]

6) Most terrifying quilting moment/a make it work quilting moment. [Big quilts cause me the most grief - and quilting in the middle of them and trying to handle the bulk.]

7) Perfectly consistent stitch length, does it matter to you? [Yes, I definitely prefer it! Am I obsessive about it? No.]

8) Tips, tricks, and suggestions? [I'm pretty committed to setting myself up for success by changing the needle, cleaning and oiling my machine, and winding a few bobbins before I get started quilting a new quilt.]

9) Work you are most proud of and why. [Basically, I enjoy exploring new designs and trying something that I think really accentuates the quilt's design.] Examples:

Fancy straight-line

Diagonal orange peel

Miscellaneous straight-line

So that's that. It's always good to hear what others do, and since I was the only domestic machine user, it was especially interesting to hear about some of the differences from my fellow members. I really enjoyed seeing the work each person was proud of too! If you'd like to share a quilted project you're especially proud of, leave a link in the comments!


  1. I really like the variety of looks you achieve with straight line quilting.

  2. what a wonderful program idea. filing that away...

  3. You are literally my quilting hero! I am a lurker and dont comment much but I look forward to all your posts and I quilt just like you do down to the way you prepare to quilt and I have the same machine. Thanks for sharing. I am very excited to try some of your quilting styles. I always use straight line or some form of it because I never in allthe years I am quilting have ever been able to meander or fmq and I have the same machine as you do just can never get it right. I dont enjoy it either so that may have something to do with it.

  4. I wish I could have attended this--sounds so very interesting. And your quilting is amazing.

  5. So interesting Deb! You really achieve a lot of variety on your domestic machine. An inspiration to continue moving forward with my own quilting.

  6. Very interesting post Debbie. I'm a fan of straight line quilting and use my walking foot a lot.

  7. I so enjoy your blog. I find it very inspiring. I, too, have a Juki 2010Q and I quilt all of my quilts as well. I love a challenge including being able to quilt a nearly king size quilt on this Juki. I also spray baste, but occasionally I have that one quilt that just gives me problems. I suspect it has to do with not using quite enough spray sometimes and the backing slips. Do you ever have any issues like this and maybe some pointers for us on spray basting? I will say that spray basting was a game-changer for me. It has made my quilting experience much more enjoyable!

  8. I have the same machine as you, and have learned the limited quilting skills I have acquired in the past two years. Typically I do free motion quilting, often trying a different style within the various strips in the quilt. I use it sort of a practice sampler and have found that I actually am capable of more than I thought! Love your work, love your post – thank you for sharing. on my walking foot on the Juki I don't have a guide that attaches to the foot for spacing – what do you do? I have tried the infernal painters tape and I hate it. Hera marker is still my best bet.

  9. I love your quilts with the straight line stitching. The is my only quilting option (FMQ is on my to try list). You have used straight line in so many ways. I've bookmarked this post to go back to in detail later today.

  10. Thanks for sharing! I'm a recent quilter, and love hearing tips, tricks and stories from experienced quilters. Love the ghost quilting! I recently discovered the Hera marker, and I love it. I'm still pin basting, but really tempted to start spray basting. FMQ on my domestic has been... interesting... but led to one of the projects I am most proud of:

  11. What a great idea for a get together and info exchange! I am so glad you shared it with us. I have learned so much from what others have shared online or through email exchanges. It is invaluable to me to get that information and learn how or what others do. Something as simple as stitch length or how you mark a quilt can literally be a game changer. You are one who shares their knowledge with enthusiasm and willingness! Thank you for that Debbie!

  12. Great post Debbie, I love hearing about what other quilters do and what works for them, it helps me enormously. I have only spray basted one which was recently, I was so nervous and anxious about the results, although it all worked out fine in the end, and no stopping and starting to remove the pins which was a bonus. You have a great variety in quilting stitches, I tend to use straight line or the serpentine stitch mostly. I love my new Bernina with the 10 inch throat, it makes quilting so much easier.

  13. Thank you for sharing your tips Debbie ! I also enjoyed going through your different quilting designs.

  14. I, like you, do all my quilts start to finish. I have always pin-basted my quilts but am thinking about spray basting. Can you share your spray basting techniques with us? I worry about getting spray residue on my wood floor or tabletop on the outside edges. Also, how do you get even spraying without getting it too thick? I sprayed once and my machine skipped stitches and frayed thread. FEAR.

  15. Great post, Debbie. I love the variety you get with your quilting. I have a Janome 7700 so the throat is spacious but I've never done well with FMQ. I have used the serpentine stitch a lot on my Janome and have only recently tackled the wavy organic thing. It was easier than I thought it would be and I actually like it better than the serpentine stitch. My biggest challenge is just controlling the quilt. Not sure I could quilt a big one but lap size is more my speed so all is good.I've never minded pin basting but I do hate removing the pins as I quilt. I don't spray baste but I do use Elmer's glue and that works very well.
    Awhile back I got on board with your cross cut project (better late than never) and did straight line quilting on it that I really like. You can see it here.
    Another small example of straight line quilting that I'm very happy with is this pillow that I made for a friend.

    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  16. I guess you do scrappy quilting Debbie! I love all the different you use so skillfully to accentuate your piecing. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

  17. You do very lovely and interesting quilting for a domestic machine user! Thanks for sharing.