Friday, January 12, 2018

Influencer.... Who Me?

For better or worse, I'll admit to doing a fair amount of purchasing on Amazon. Not a 'shopper' by nature, add in a full-time job and a penchant for sewing as often as possible, and I prefer to get what I need quickly and easily.

Enter in the Amazon Influencer program. Basically it's a way for a creator like me to make recommendations to other creators.... like you! And I decided to go ahead and join the program because I get asked to make recommendations ALOT. Folks want to know the tools I use to do what I do. So now there's an easy way to let you know. Here's a peek at what I've put on my page so far....

And if you want to take a look for yourself, just click the link below.

No pressure! And please, rest assured I'll only include things on my page that I either use myself or otherwise can honestly recommend. Even though I may get a small commission on these items, I would never suggest anything I'm not willing to stand behind. You can count on that.


  1. I see lots of good things on your list. Quite a few I've purchased too... oh & I too would rather sew than shop any day!

  2. I agree with the things on your list; specially the books- even I am still waiting for amazon to send me "modern quilts" to Germany. After years of following quilt blogs I like to save time to find the "right" things specially if you live in Europe. Keep on blogging for me and my quilting friends!

  3. 'For better or worse', I catch myself thinking stuff like that too!
    But then I throw that off and hey, we're a all in it together, lets try
    to help each other out. I'm very encouraged by your quilt designs
    and tips, thanks for sharing. You're making a good difference.