Friday, January 19, 2018

Year of Colour

Through our creative year, I think we all get a little myopic. I know the project at hand usually holds my focus, and even though alot of us take a moment to look back at our year as a whole, Emily and Stef of Makelight have generously given us a way to look at those twelve months in a new way.... totally by colour.

Emphasize Saturated / Emphasize Brighter Colours

By their own definition, Makelight is "a membership community for creators, makers and doers." Offering both free and members-only classes, there's also a blogful of thoughtful articles - definitely worth a glance.

Center on Favorite Colour / Order Colours by Time

As they did last year, they are offering a free tool to let us visualize the colours that we used on Instagram in 2017. Not only that, but we can see our personal colours in a variety of ways. Note the categories under each photo of my own, as the colours are reorganized. Each circle represents one of ten significant colours extracted from each image I posted, and the size of the circles indicates both how significant the colour was in the image, and how well liked it was by my followers. Pretty amazing, right?

Rainbow Mode / Order by Popularity

If you're like me, you'll get lost in it all for a bit, examining and pondering. Check out Your Year of Colour. Then share on Instagram with the hashtag #YearOfColour!


  1. This is indeed a fascinating view of the year, Debbie. I think I could keep playing with the options for hours!

  2. I was playing with it on my phone but I wish there was a label for what the 2 sliding dials are changing.

  3. fun to play with isn't it? my colors are so different from yours!

  4. I spent hours, well no that's an exaggeration, many minutes of frustration on Friday evening trying to find this site and make it work. Thanks so much for the link - it was easy!