Monday, March 5, 2018

Back It Up Again!

This is an updated repost of Back It Up from 2015. Yes, it's always a good topic to revisit, but even more so after the hard-drive in our server died and "we" realized we hadn't backed up our own hard-drive for a year. Yes, I had backed up my blog fairly regularly, but that doesn't help much when your files are gone.

SO, the word is still out on all our 2017 files, but it was a good reminder to BACK IT ALL UP! And though I'd done it quarterly or so for my blog, I've now set a reminder to do it weekly. It takes just moments, and it means that much to me. Things have changed just a tad since my 2015 post, so here's what I found most recently.

Note that this is for Blogger only. Do research if your blog is on another platform.

Step 1. SAVE YOUR THEME: First, go to your blog's dashboard just like you were going to edit a post.

See way over in the upper right corner where it says "Backup/Restore"? Click there.

Choose "Download theme." A file full of code will be downloaded. Save the file and I suggest, rename it to include the current date. 

Close the Backup/Restore window. Step one is done. [This is where the difference is from my previous post. The 'theme' used to be known as the 'template.' Otherwise, things are pretty similar.]

Step 2. SAVE YOUR CONTENT: Still on your blog's dashboard, click "Settings" in the left hand column, then "Other." See under "Import & back up" the choice to "Back up Content." Click there and another file full of code will be downloaded. This one will take a little longer than the template, but not long. Save the file and again, rename it to include the current date. 

That's it! Seriously, it'll take you ten minutes or so. And give you a whole lot more peace of mind.


  1. I don't think there can ever be enough reminders to back things up. I'm lucky in that my OH has our system set to back up daily but even then we've lost a few things with accidental deletions of new content.

  2. That's a great reminder. You always have good ideas here.
    Thanks for sharing Debbie.

  3. Never too often to back up. Wishing you a happy ending to this story.

  4. Mine doesn't show the backup/restore like yours. I must be in the wrong place. Don't recall ever backing up my blog (since 2008..yikes)

  5. Thank you! I didn't even know that could/should be done.

  6. Like jann, I didn't know I should do this. THANK YOU! Done and done.

  7. Thanks Debbie for this very timely tip. I've only been blogging on Blogger since 2016 and was wondering how to back up my blog. It's done now and now have a little less on my mind now.