Wednesday, March 14, 2018

WIP Wednesday

Throughout 2011 and well through 2014, I participated weekly in Lee/Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday link-up, where we would show progress on everything we were working on, basically encouraging us to, you know, keep sewing! It was really motivating and a fun group to be a part of. By the time it ended, I wasn't posting as often, but sometimes I miss it.

I'm actively working on three different quilts right now, waiting for blocks to arrive for another, weeks behind in a sew-along, and antsy to get back to piecing one and quilting on another. And of course, should really be working on something else that has a hard deadline. It all gets to be a bit much. So for old time's sake? Simple accountability? Whatever, it seemed important to gather them all together and report in.

Sidewalk Chalk on Asphalt - So nearly finished! It's back from being quilted by Stitched in Color, and I'm half-way through 416" of binding.

Looking Up - I've been quilting a few lines whenever I have a chance, and I'm close to finishing. It's unique, inspired (at least I think so), and imperfect.

Faith Circle Multicolor Wedge Slabs are still rolling in and I absolutely love them! After all of the neutrals I've been handling lately, this one's a delightful chance of pace.

My Two-Color Composition from Season Evan's class is really what I feel like getting to - something small and quick to finish. I may use it as a breather between finishing those top two and moving on to my deadline project.... a bit of a pause.

I'd also like to get back to Color Play, which I started in Tara Faughnan's class at QuiltCon. This one will probably wait a bit, but I'm excited about it.

The hand-pieced Teeny Tiny Trip Around the World is another one I'm working on consistently. Begun with Chawne Kimber at QuiltCon, I was sewing on it a bit every night until I started in on binding. So I hope to get back to it in a few days. This one will obviously be a long-term project. I'm hoping I don't lose interest any time soon.

And lastly is the #yearofscrappytriangles. I'm way behind, but have every intention of catching up. These blocks are quick to do, so I just need the right space. It'll come.

So there. Thanks for letting me air things out. 


  1. It's lovely to see the variety in your projects, and yet there is an unmistakable thread of "you" that ties them all together. I hope you enjoy the last moments of hand binding your bed quilt!

  2. all of them are wonderful. Can't wait to see that sidewalk chalk quilt all done! goodness, how will you photograph it?

  3. Good luck on your WIPs. I have a quilt I'm trying to baste. Normally I use good masking tape to attach the backing to the floor and occasionally it doesn't stick so I use painters tape (blue). Even my painters tape is curling on my latest (quilt store) backing. Any ideas other than washing? It's a large throw so I have to anchor the backing somehow.

  4. Lots of variety and enticing sneak peeks too Deb! It's lovely to see all those snippets of DS in your little triangles. I miss WIP Wednesdays too! It certainly gave me something to focus on too!

  5. You really have a lot going on! Each one equally beautiful! Progress in any form is good...that hand stitched trip around the world is mind blowing!

  6. I miss WIP Wednesday, I was hoping you were bringing it back! Good list and I know a lot of these projects will wrap up soon, they have so little left to finish!

  7. great to see your WIP. Really like the modern feel. Like to see others have more than one project on the go at one time.