Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2018 Finish-A-Long :: Q1 Finishes

With just two projects on my Q1 Finish-A-Long list, I had high hopes. The table runner for my mom's birthday had an early (mid-January) deadline, so that made it a priority right off.

With a delicious mix of fabrics that mom had a hand in choosing, it was fun to create as I went along. I used a variety of quilting designs and was more than happy with the 32" x 92" finish and it looks great on mom's dining table.

The next project on the list wasn't as easy to face. Looking Up, a carry over from Q4 last year, had overwhelmed me for too long. At the beginning of the quarter, I hadn't even made my block yet. As smitten as I was with my theme and the blocks my mates had made, I really struggled on how to consolidate them into a quilt top.

At long last, I settled on an unconventional framing/sashing and then it was time to face the quilting. THAT I did have a plan for.... inspired by the power lines on our street. I'm moderately pleased with my execution, but even more so that I kept with the theme. At 75" x 60", for better or worse, Looking Up is complete.

Two for two feels good. Now it's time to think about what's next!

Want to join in? Here's all the info!


  1. both beautiful finishes! nice job

  2. You keep amazing me with your creativity! Both are beautiful finishes - love them!!

  3. I'm happy for you to have completed your goals, Debbie! I'm not one to set them for myself as I have too much angst about possibly not accomplishing them... though I WOULD accomplish them, I'd do so at the expense of something else, and that isn't good. I especially like your Looking Up quilt. It's not as improv-ish as we usually see in one of your group pieces, but it's definitely effective at delivering the message, and is totally enhanced by the quilting you chose to do. You nailed it!

  4. Both are fabulous finishes! I really love that you got the Looking Up quilt all done - it looks amazing!

  5. Two beautiful finishes. Congrats! Looking forward to what you will pick for the next quarter. I am sure they will be as gorgeous :)