Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Summer Sampler 2018 :: Shenzhen

Thank goodness I had last night free so I could piece the second block of the Summer Sampler pronto. It's Shenzhen, designed by Angela/@angelapingel, and while it has some similar shapes as last week's Water Well it's constructed quite differently, in quadrants.

I'm really liking mixing prints and solids in this project, and am pleased with how my blocks - all two of them - play together. So now I'm on countdown till next week!


  1. Your blocks definitely look great together. I love how Carolyn's prints pull colors from one another and how the strong ochre in your first block is in the light print in your second.

  2. Good contrast and blues, makes me think of summer skies, lakes and mountains.

  3. Lovely blocks ! I bought some prints from the Gleaned collection in peach and green tones and you make me wish I had bought the blue colourway as well ... ;-)