Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Summer Sampler 2018 :: Vatican

Finally! This week's Summer Sampler block is from a place I've actually been! Vatican was designed by Melissa/Polka Dot Chair after a tile floor she saw in the Vatican. I went back through all my Rome photos and didn't see this floor, but it was great to reminisce just the same!

I'm not 100% sure I chose correctly in picking the solid aqua for that large half of the block. It really stands out when all the blocks are together, but I like it alot in the block by itself. It'll all work out. My favorite part though is that dark blue, where the design doesn't match up. Not sure why but I like it! Needless to say, this block was a breeze, and now I'm looking forward to next week!


  1. I love watching your blocks come together! maybe as you add some of that aqua to future blocks it will play better with the others?

  2. I think that the light really balances the darker side of the block, and I think you are right that the colors will all work out in the end.

  3. I really like your new decorative designs! it's beautiful so much and good idea on site.