Wednesday, April 10, 2019


There were a couple of things that inspired this project - the first being the palette on my desk calendar, and the second, a previous project, the mini quilt Loosely Connected. Basically I wanted to play with the triangle shapes from Loosely Connected on a larger scale, and chose Kona Denim, Red, and Camellia to explore with.

Of course I started by making several striped slabs, and then cut them into long rectangles. After rearranging the triangles on the design wall again and again, I settled on a layout.

Problem is, once I started sewing them together, I lost interest completely. Like I didn't even like it completely. So after staring at it for a couple of months, I confessed that my original vision was gone, and that was ok. I very nearly took the pieces down and put them in the closet, but luckily, it came to me that I should cut them up and see what that did for me. Obviously!!

And I immediately was interested again!

I was totally happy with the initial random layout of my newly cut blocks. But I decided to see if the piece was helped at all by offsetting the blocks a bit and filling in with the background blue. Deciding to go that route, I thought a little more contrast might be good too, so I added in some Kona Cardinal here and there. And yeah, I liked that even better.

Add a simple frame, and I was done.

I found a really fun and colorful backing in my stash, and though I felt a little guilty using it as the  back, it also seemed perfect. Once that was settled, I was so ready to get quilting! At 36" x 38" I knew it wouldn't take long, nor be too stressful. I had decided while I was still piecing that I wanted to quilt a diamond grid, and went the adventuresome road by choosing a variegated thread - Aurifil 50wt #4647 [Berrylicious]. It added a spirited element of charm, don't you think?

SO. Not that I need a message here, but this project was SUCH a good reminder that if a project isn't speaking to you, consider reworking your vision for it.

 There's no guarantee it'll take you to a happy place, so be sure and celebrate if it does!


  1. I like the way you think. This turned out great. Love the diamond quilting so much

  2. Your process for this one is so interesting. Adding that last bit of contrast with the darker red really made it.

  3. I love your process...and your quilt!

  4. I love what I can see in the quilt now: bridges and connection.

  5. I am always in awe of your improv pieces. It is a technique that for sure does not come instinctively for me. But I so looove to see your works :)

  6. I just love your fearlessness - I have to admit that cutting into those triangles would never have occurred to me. And the final product is just so beautiful! Great finish!

  7. Love how you made this work. Very stunning quilt finish. Great work!

  8. Such a terrific solution! I've never tried cutting up and reworking abandoned or leftover blocks, but you've inspired me to try.