Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Summer Sampler 2019 :: Spring Fever

Well this year's Summer Sampler has begun! The theme is 'Piecing Bootcamp', and we'll be working on skill-building, with each block focusing on a particular piecing technique or design element. Well in the first block, Spring Fever by Lynn Carson Harris, we're taught how to twirl seams to increase accuracy. Though I've twirled hand-stitched seams before, I never have when machine-piecing. But I was game, and followed Lynn's Twirled Seam tutorial for the small piecing in the center block.

That's one of the great things about a sew-along like this - learning new things and seeing the work and perspective from others in the group. Krista/Poppyprint, one of this year's designers, shared her 1/4" Tune Up Test, which is totally worth checking out. And Katie/swim bike quilt also shared her 5 Summer Sampler Organization Tips, all of which I can totally stand behind. One of her tips that helps me alot is keeping my sampler fabrics all together in between 'assignments.' And my fabric swatches, of course. Just in making the first block, I was really glad I had them to keep me on track.

So come to find out, the piecing of the center small (1" finished) squares was the least fiddly part. I was super slow and careful, and still, one border came out too long, and a couple corners aren't perfect. AND I'm not 100% taken with my fabric mix. Believe it or not, I had chosen two of the same print, but different colorways, in my original fabric pull, and they were both called for in this block. That didn't work for me, so I chose a 'neighboring' fabric on my swatch card - the blue in the corners, and I'm glad I did. It's a pretty busy block anyway, so I'm just going to assume it'll fit in fine as we go along. Now to wait for next week's block, which is always a surprise!

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  1. such an interesting block. It'll be fun to watch the whole quilt come together

  2. Your piecing looks great. I think fabric has a mind of its own and can stretch here or there when you aren't looking. Striving for 'perfection' is okay but don't lose sight of fun and you have good color sense which I think is the most important thing in sewing or quilting.
    Hang the perfectionists, they're a bunch of ....... Oops ... Forget that. Have a great day!

  3. Your piecing and your fabric choices are fantastic!

  4. I really like this block!! I've twirled a seam or two on occasion!