Wednesday, December 4, 2019

More Modules

Seems I started in on quilting my Modular quilt before sharing the finished top! To say I am pleased with it is an understatement. For some reason, it seems oddly cohesive to me, and for not knowing how I'd pull those random orange 'spots' in each block together, I'm happy with the idea that came to me.

Of course the top hung on my design wall for weeks before I came up with how I wanted to quilt it. It was actually a quilt hanging in my bathroom that gave me the idea. In keeping with the modular theme, I finally settled on doing a tumbler design in a scale similar to the blocks. In fact I cut out several tumbler shapes to 'try out' before choosing the one I'm quilting.

It's actually pretty easy to execute - first sewing the horizontal lines, and then following that with hera-marking vertical lines to guide me as I eye-ball-stitch the slanted sides of the tumblers. Dare I say it's going extremely well! Love when that overwhelm with a project dissipates and suddenly it all seems so doable. I'm enjoying that space as I'm quilting along....


  1. it's going to be fabulous. Love the tumbler idea, I'll have to try that some time

  2. How awesome that another of your quilts inspired the quilting plan. Glad to hear it's gone from overwhelm to enjoyment. :)

  3. Gorgeous! What an awesome top and a great walking foot design! I think I have not yet seen it but I love a new quilting design idea... So thank you! xo

  4. This is going to be an amazing quilt. I really like the quilting design you went for.