Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Looking Atcha 2019

Offhand, I'd thought this year had been a little less eventful than last year, but then this post just started filling up, so I think my perception was off! It's been plenty full that's for sure - sewing every chance I got, with enough 'special events' to keep things challenging.... a nice manageable mix I'd say.

QuiltCon was definitely a high point, with Leanne/@shecanquilt's "Smile" winning best of show. It was so good to have most of Bee Sewcial there, and we had fun taking photos in front of our various quilts. Here we are with Baconrific.

Creating with Bee Sewcial was also a constant continuing through the year. The prompts and subsequent blocks are challenging each and every time, and I'm thankful for the ways creating with them stretches me. Below are the blocks I made this year.

L to R, top row: Be Counted, Triptych JewelsPortraits
bottom row: StripesSonia Delaunay, Energy

There were three trunk shows this year - for the women in my church at their annual spring luncheon, for the Mukilteo Lighthouse Quilters, and for the Bainbridge Island MQG. Unfortunately I rarely get photos at those, but still, they were all very good times.

There were 18 quilts made, in a variety of sizes, which is my favorite. Big ole quilts are so great, of course, but I also love making smaller ones to try new things or just for pure enjoyment. Links to posts on all of them are under the 2019 Quilts tab above.

Alot of us talk about how many quilts pile up around the house, and throughout the year I was blessed to be able to share some of mine by donating three to causes I support, and gifting others to family members and friends. That felt good!

And finally, in amongst all of the above were little bursts of sewing, small projects that served as respite from either the busyness of life or the larger project, and as I glance at them together, I realize alot of them were gifted. That, too, feels really good. But seriously, when did I manage to make all these??

All in all, a really terrific year, filled to the brim with meaningful community moments, plenty of creative time, and a good amount of sharing. Thanks for being a part of it!


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  2. A wonderful parade of quilts, with all sorts (and sizes) of creativity on display--almost like one of your trunk shows! I wish you lots of creating in your new year!

  3. Wow you've been productive! It's impressive to see all your finishes in one blog post. Thank you for sharing your inspiring work Debbie! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll make in 2020.

  4. You did have a very productive 2019! That's a lot of stitching for one year. Happy New Year, wishing you equal success in 2020.

  5. You have been quite productive Debbie. I look forward to seeing what 2020 has in store for you. Happy New Year.

  6. what a great year! So glad I got to spend time with you in Nashville! here's to an equally productive 2020

  7. Sounds like a wonderful year! You managed double the quilts I did and soooo many "little" projects. So I am unfortunately not able to answer your question: I have no idea where you find the time :) But besides wishing you all the best for the next year, I hope you find lots of time to sew and show us your beautiful makes again. xo Melanie

  8. You've had a very productive year - congrats! I really love all the variety in the colours you used this year. But all of your makes are just beautiful! Here's to another productive year!

  9. Happy 2020! It looks like 2019 was indeed a wonderful creative year for you!