Monday, October 21, 2019

Sonia Delaunay

I think I actually raised my eyebrows when I saw Ken/@thekingslacker had introduced the prompt for Bee Sewcial this month. It was a person - Sonia Delaunay - an artist I wasn't familiar with. Ken shared a pinboard for us to take inspiration from, so once I perused that, I had a bit of an idea about Sonia's avant-garde style. Color and shape were obviously key.

In my own exploration, my search for cohesiveness in my block felt illusive, yet I still sensed some of Sonia's sensibilities in the arcs and stacks of blocks. My finished block measures 12 1/4" x 25", and even though I'm a tad hesitant with it, Ken and others say I hit the mark. I'll take it.

Curious about Sonia? I especially enjoyed 7 Lessons Sonia Delaunay Taught Us about Colour and Design.


  1. so interesting! I love learning about new artists

  2. Fun color!
    If you want to see current great modern art look into artist Jane Davies work.
    A lot of her work can be seen on Pinterest and she has a .com.
    It's fabulous.

  3. I thinks it's fantastic! I love the riot of color in these blocks!