Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Summer Sampler 2020 :: Trellis

Once I've signed up for something, I can't wait for it to start! I promptly picked out my fabric for this year's Summer Sampler, and then anxiously waited.

The theme this year is easy-piecing sampler - blocks that are easier than they look, with the first block being 'Trellis' by Malka Dubrawsky/A Stitch in Dye. Of course there are a variety of ways to construct a block, and one was used for Trellis where nine small blocks were made exactly the same. It's all in the rotation of them to achieve this striking design.

My fabrics for the sewalong consist of three main colors - black, orange, and green. I was glad there was one of each needed for this block, so I could kind of gauge how they'd look together. I think ok!


  1. That's wonderful to have the first block allow you to get a feel for how your main colors are going to relate to one another throughout the project. It will be fun to see your collection grow this summer.

  2. I like your block, a kind of puzzle design.
    And thanks for the link to A Stitch in Dye, Malka's use of color and design are beautiful.

  3. It is always fun to figure out new ways to put things together. What a cool way to design a plaid!

  4. very cool! looking forward to watching it evolve as the summer goes on