Monday, February 15, 2021

Design.Make.Quilt Modern

I've been an admirer of Heather Black's work for quite some time. Her modern graphic aesthetic, use of color, and the way she uses quilting to enhance her designs are indeed inspiring, as well as beautiful. I think her work is quite distinctive; you may know her best from her blog, Quiltachusetts, or on Instagram, @quiltachusetts. Whatever, of course I was happy to receive a copy of her latest book, Design.Make.Quilt Modern, for review.

The book's byline, "Taking a Quilt from Inspiration to Reality," reveals alot. Containing just 4 quilt patterns, the book's real focus is on design: 

  • Design Basics for Modern Quilts
  • Designing with Color
  • Finish the Design with Quilting
  • Making the Quilt - From Design to Reality

And honestly, that really appealed to me. Considering most of my work is of my own design (or lack thereof), I can really learn from an expert like Heather. 

Fact is, she unlocks the design process quite succinctly in each of the categories listed above. So it's a handy resource whether you want to cover the entire gamut of quilt design, or focus on a particular facet. 

One of the features that Heather incorporated into her book that I thought was brilliant was self-inventories - a way to evaluate your skills while also taking into account what you actually enjoy doing - or not. Meaning, it's important to integrate your own 'personality' into your quilt-making while considering all the design principles. That simple combination will help make your work reflect yourself better and I like that.

A section that I will refer to again and again is about Using Design to Tell a Story. That's something I've thought more about in recent years, and I'd actually like to become more intentional about it. Heather offers alot of good food for thought.

If your interest has been piqued, Heather shares alot more in her own blog post about the book, including a complete table of contents. If you're like me, that would be of interest, as I always take a glance at that before considering a book purchase.

You'll find that Design.Make.Quilt Modern is currently only available for pre-order , but luckily Heather already has copies available in her own shop. I have no doubt you'll find Heather's book to be a welcome resource as you design and create your future quilts.


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this, it looks very interesting. And I can see how it might spark fresh ideas for you with so much original work coming off your own needle.

  2. that looks great, putting it on my wish list!

  3. This is a good review, Debbie! As an original designer/maker yourself, it's good to have your perspective on the book. I've learned that teaching design must be difficult because the teacher is asking students to "find themselves," which is often tough for the student (me!). Sometimes a designer's approach "clicks" with a student. Looks like Heather's book could be just the "click" some of us need.