Friday, February 26, 2021

QuiltCon Together: The Classes

So it's not unusual to come home from QuiltCon with a couple of works in progress, and virtual QuiltCon was no different. I actually took four classes, though only started new projects in two of them - so far. 

  • Design with Contrast with Anne Sullivan was a no-sew workshop where Anne explored color and more, playing with contrast and movement in design. It was alot to take in, and thankfully came with a hefty handout to consult for future work.
  • Color Interplay with Maritza Soto felt the most like QuiltCon to me, since I was able to virtually take the class with my daughter Rachel/@snippetsofsweetness. When we've been able to attend QuiltCon together in person, taking the same class has been a highlight, and it definitely was virtually as well.

The focus, of course, was on relationships between colors, with a fun exercise that is still in the works. We enjoyed taking the enhanced version of this class, so were able to share and discuss our works in progress, and that was really enjoyable too and definitely a nice option. None of what you see in the photo is actually sewn together - just adhered and layered on the design wall. I expect it to spread out and morph quite a bit before it's done. 

  • Adventures in Improv Design with Anne Sullivan and Melanie Tuazon, who together approached story-based improvisational design in a very defined way, still ripe with many possibilities. It was a terrific presentation; and though I intended to start a project during this class, my overall schedule kind of overwhelmed me, and I just wasn't in the right mind-space to take it on. But again, it came with a good guide to explore further at a later date.
  • Improv Triangles and Maria Shell also felt very familiar, as I've sewn alot from Maria's book, Improv Patchwork. We began by choosing a 'rainbow' + several neutrals. As you can see, my rainbow is not the traditional brights, which was very intentional. Similar but decidedly different, right?

Though I've tried many of the techniques from Maria's book, I don't actually think I've made 'flying loons' before. They are similar to flying geese, but more square, and I use that term very loosely.

In my initial fabric pull, I forgot to include brown. Brown you say? Maria pretty much insisted, so you'll see that included going forward. Here I used it in my striped half-square triangle pinwheel. I'm thinking this will be inserted in the backing of my triangle quilt.

Meanwhile, here are my blocks so far. They've since been rearranged a bit, some blocks removed entirely (those dark gray and teal in the bottom right - they read entirely too dark) , and I've begun piecing some stripes to insert

So now at least I have a plan, so I'm anxious to keep going.

Now I know that four virtual classes, in addition to all the lectures, quilt show, and socializing is A LOT. But I give QuiltCon Together high marks overall, and I'm glad I was able to experience so much.


  1. your classes sound awesome! I'm wishing I had bout a lecture pass... oh well, lesson learned! I love where your projects are going

  2. I'm so glad that you and Rachel were able to virtually take a workshop together! The highlight for me was "walking the show" with my mom. I love getting to see what gets made from other workshops, and I'm very excited to see where the Adventures in Improv Design workshop takes you when you are ready.

  3. Sounds like the virtual experience was a success!

  4. How wonderful you and your daughter have quilting in common! I love the "flying loons" - too funny!

  5. How great that you enjoyed QCT! Especially that you could share it with your daughter. How fortunate you are to have a like-minded child. I like the in-the-works projects you shared, and I'm curious to know if you used a ruler to cut pieces for your flying loons. They look too perfect to have been free-hand cut. As for brown... whether Maria insists or not, I haven't used it in my patterned improv quilts. :-) The closest I'll get to brown is ginger; it works. Have fun continuing to work on these great pieces!