Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Drawing Stitches

Couldn't seem to help it... I stitched another Dropcloth Sampler! This time, it was "Drawing Stitches," and I think of all the samplers I've done so far, I learned the most new-to-me stitches with this one.

There were no less than 31 different stitches, and there was also a Creativebug Daily Challenge based on this sampler. I didn't really follow it day by day, but did refer to it for the stitches I wasn't familiar with.

I especially enjoyed stitching the plaid filling....

and the battlement filling!

And those couched circles were really fun to stitch.

The design area of Drawing Stitches was about 7" x 10", and though my palette was a little uncontrolled, I still really enjoyed it. And as I say every time, I'm sorry it's done! I did see that there's a new Creativebug class coming up with creator Rebecca Ringquist sharing some ideas of what to do with these samplers, so we'll see if I'm inspired to make more of them into something!


  1. Oooh, the battlement filling makes a lovely texture!

  2. Love your sampler! I'll have to show this to Lydia. She is enjoying learning different stitches on her sampler, too. Such a great idea and good way to learn all these stitches. I think we'll frame her's when she finishes it! Wow! I didn't realize there were soooo many embroidery stitches. Such fun! Welcome to a day in "retired" life when you just get to do what you want to do today! Ha...not too many of those days. Enjoy!

  3. Your embroidery is beautiful! I really want to do one (or more) of the Dropcloth Samplers. They seem to be so much fun.

  4. Lovely stitching! I really like the plaid filling, too.

  5. wonderful interesting stitches!

  6. Oh gosh, another fun one! This looks even more interesting than previous Dropcloth Samplers. Good stitch lessons to learn. Rebecca Ringquist is really good at embroidery design, isn't she? That Creativebug class about what to do with the samplers will surely be worthwhile. This week I'm taking a virtual Sashiko workshop with Claudia Martinez of Snuggly Monkey, and looking forward to it.