Monday, April 15, 2024

The White Stole

During the final days of March and early days of April, I was working on a secret project - another liturgical stole. The occasion for the gift was to be our son's ordination, which occurred on Saturday! Thankfully, we were able to attend, as it took place at his new congregation in another state. You can be sure we were celebrating!

As for the stole, this white one will be used during the several weeks following Easter, as well as other short seasons throughout the church year. Again, I'm used a pattern by Paula BehrensThe base is Essex white, interfaced with Pellon 987F Fusible Fleece; and the lining is Kona white. Even though the 987F fleece worked well for the first stole I made a few months ago, with the white Essex, is seemed to look wrinkled. It took some serious pressing and spray starch to make it presentable.

The stole design was inspired by the Iona Stole from Jeff Wunrow Designs. The main feature is the 1.5" trim, and because I really needed to see some fabric for that in person before purchase, I went to Joann and found some options perfect for what I needed:

  • Silver on White Quilt Glitter Cotton Fabric by Keepsake Calico
  • Gold Shimmer Quilt Foil Cotton Fabric by Keepsake Calico
  • Fabric Traditions Textured White Cotton Fabric by Keepsake Calico
  • Gold Shimmer Quilt Foil Cotton Fabric by Keepsake Calico
  • Screen Blender on White Quilt Cotton Fabric by Quilter's Showcase
Plus I used some Essex Yarn Dyed Metallic Crystal and Diamond Textiles Top Stitch in White that I had in my stash.

I learned a thing or two with this stole - the primary thing being the trim fabric that went around the neck of the stole really had to be cut on the bias. It took making a custom pattern for that bit, a little fiddly, but it worked great once I realized that. Hopefully it isn't obvious, but the trim was hand-appliqued onto the main fabric. I used Aurifil 40wt in white for a little extra strength.

At the center back, I added a 2" gold strip to coordinate with the detail on the front, and also to cover that back neck seam. Again, this stole measured 50" from center back to the bottom front. See my previous stole post to check out how I weighted the front slightly. Due to my method, the bottom front edges were also stitched closed by hand.

As a finishing touch, I stitched one of my A Quilter's Table labels on the lining, and hopefully it isn't noticeable when the stole is being worn. If so, we'll just remove it.

As it happened, we were able to attend worship at our son's church yesterday and since the stole fit the season, he was wearing it. That was fun to see, and it looked great on him, if I do say so myself.


  1. Excellent! very classic and I imagine it did look good on your son.

  2. I love that you were able to travel to be with your son at his ordination and see him at his church service yesterday. The stole is delightful! After seeing the stole in use, did you chose to leave the label in place?

  3. What a joy for you to be able to celebrate his ordination with him, and making him. the stole makes it even more meaningful. I hope the label placement worked; if not, I'd suggest putting it in the next area? Anyway - what a delightful project!

  4. This makes my momma heart so proud. I know your son is thrilled to wear something you created just for him. Will you be making more stoles for other occasions?

    1. Right? He was SO SO happy with it. AND to hear that I've already got plans for a green one. ;-) After that I'll ask him if there's any specifically he'd like.

  5. it's so beautiful and such a thoughtful gift! congratulations again to him and your whole family

  6. Congratulations to your son! I love seeing how you support him with all these stoles. And how special is it that he appreciates them.I am sure over time you will add one in every color ;) xo

  7. It's a beautiful gift. Congratulations to your son -- may his ministry be a blessing to all whom he serves!