Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dots Swap!

Dots are such a versatile fabric basic to have in our stashes, as we work on our swap and bee blocks, and all our other projects. Dots Swap! is a chance to swap your dotted quilting fabric and receive a variety of ‘dots’ in return. The swap is hosted by Rachel of Snippets of Sweetness and myself, and we’d love for you to join us!

Fabric and Swap Details:
Each swap member will purchase 4 (four) fat-quarters of 100% cotton dotted quality quilting fabric. (Raiding your stash is also appropriate.) We’ll leave the sign-up open through Thursday, July 21 (one week), and send you an email with swap partners by Thursday, July 28. Then you'll have two weeks to prepare and ship your fat-quarter dots to your four swap partners – by August 11. You can send them all the same dots, or different ones; it's up to you! In return, you'll receive a fat-quarter of dots fabric from each of your swap partners.

To Sign Up:
Comment below if you'd like to join the swap or on the swap post at Snippets of Sweetness   
After you sign up below, email one of us the following info (Debbie at drfjeske (at) gmail (dotcom)  or Rachel at snippetsofsweetness (at) gmail (dotcom)):

Your name and blog link, if you have one – it’s OK if you don’t!
Your mailing address
Are you willing to ship international?
(Remember, your sign up is not complete until we get an email from you!)

Grab a button for your blog - either below or in the sidebar! And if you know anyone who would be interested, feel free to spread the word. Signups start right now!!  Join in the fun! 


  1. I'm in! This is a win-win: add some dots to my stash (of which I have none) and buy fabric. :)

  2. I'll have to check to see if I have enough dots to swap (since I can't purchase right now!) But if I do, then I'm in! The button turned out AWESOME!

  3. I'll join. I'm with Susan, it's a win-win for me as well! I swapped my last bit of dots in a rainbow swap.

  4. Shucks. I've been looking for a swap to join but once again I'm too late. Do you host swaps regularly?