Thursday, July 7, 2011

where i sew

May I quote: "Where we create can be just as much fun to plan, organize and dream about as What we plan to make there! This is the spirit behind Where I Sew month here on the Pink Chalk Studio blog."

So when I saw that Pink Chalk Studio was hosting a where i sew virtual tour, I was intrigued. My space isn't anything too planned out or special, but it is a dedicated space I enjoy being in and creating in. And considering how many years I spent sewing on my dining table, I am exceedingly grateful for it. So in that spirit, I will share my space.
In one shot, this is it.

sewing machine, trusty Ott light, side table, 
tools & thread, calendar, book & pattern rack, 
bolt o'batt, cubby for odds & ends, scrap basket, 
modern fabric bin, stack of finished quilts/
to be quilteds/backings, "to do" & idea board,
ironing board, design wall, work table with w.i.p.s

So there you have it. Let's go check out some of the other spaces - and dream a little! click here
Pink Chalk Studio


  1. Love your sewing space :-) very nice scrap basket :-) I hope to have a dedicated sewing space hopefully in the not too distant future!

  2. Oh this is so stinking fun. Thanks for sharing and you live in Seattle!

  3. Now I recognize your photo! Hi Debbie!

  4. I love your sewing space! It is so homey and welcoming!

  5. I am having a wonderful time, visiting your blog. Not only for the beautiful projects you are working on, but also for the yummy recipes!!! What a wonderful spot you have to create in!