Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Time for Quilting

This past week hasn't been conducive to quilting my Kaleidoscope quilt top, but I've been thinking about how to quilt it, being inspired by the quilting Katie did on her whole cloth quilt. (see here) So last night, I finally sat down to give it a go. I thought maybe I should use my free-motion foot, but one pass down the quilt changed my mind - I just couldn't keep my tension consistent. Frustrated once again with free-motion, I picked it out.

This morning, with fresh eyes, I admitted what had been niggling in my brain all week. Though I love the wobbly straight-ish quilting Katie used, and really do want to use it on a project, what really called to me with this particular quilt was the secondary, circular pattern of the kaleidoscope. I tried to talk myself out of it, but hubby kept insisting, "It'll look good!" Inspired by the quilting on this quilt (see here) by Musings: Kristin La Flamme, I started in a new direction. Yes, it'll be more time consuming, and no, I don't totally know the complete quilting plan yet, but I have a start.

It's a beautiful sunny day in Seattle(!) and I have a list of chores a mile long, but I'm sure hoping to get back to Kaleidoscope before the day is done.


  1. Great choice! So far I think the quilting really complements the Kaleidoscope block. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  2. That quilt is already gorgeous and if you quilt it like that it will be over the top gorgeous! I say go for it!

  3. Wow, it is already beautiful with just that much! I have been trying to decide how to quilt the kaleidoscope and you have given me some ideas, thanks.

  4. Oh I really like how you are quilting this one, I love that the quilting creates even more diamond shapes, I think this will look really great!