Tuesday, September 13, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks//week 15

This week’s list is somewhat telling, in a way I’m kind of uncomfortable with. It’s "Things I am obsessed with as of late".  Defined as “a persistent preoccupation,” I know I definitely have some.
* flickr (I keep checking for comments on my posts, and looking for new news in the groups I’m in. 
Not to mention posting pics of the projects I’m working on.)
* google reader (I like to read mostly quilty blogs. Uh, quite a few of them.)
* my blog (I’m always thinking of what I’ll post next, and taking photos for said posts.)
* checking my email on my phone (Has someone commented on my blog?)
* my sewing room (My favorite space right now. I love to be there, puttering, sewing. It soothes me.)
* quilt-alongs, bees, and other quilty events (Resistance is sometimes futile. I enjoy them. A lot.)
* coffee (I visit Starbucks less than I used to, though still plenty. My home espresso machine and I are pretty tight. And then there’s iced coffee.)
* pinterest (Maybe not an obsession, but I like glancing every day, and it is the place I store everything I find interesting on the web.)
* Swoon (It’s just a quilt block. But I’m drawn to it. I’m making it again. Soon.)

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