Saturday, September 10, 2011

Zip Success!

Well, I did it! I made my first zip pouch! I can't show you the whole thing quite yet, but I can give you a sneak peek!
Was the zipper I had too long, so I had to make a new stop, breaking a machine needle in the process? Yes.
Did I put the front appliqué on and take it back off about six times, until I was satisfied with the result? Yes.
Was this my first time using pearl cotton, and I actually binged 'stitching with pearl cotton'? Yes.

Not sure why this made me so nervous to do! Though it took strict attention to the directions, pictures and all, to get it done.
I sure hope my For the Love of Solids partner likes it!


  1. Whoohoo...(Im jumping up and down here with my hands in the air) The present looks very special. Well done. I have devoted a whole day today to get two purses done myself.

  2. Wonderful! I am so glad that despite it all, you just carried on, as this is a perfect result! Your partner is very lucky!

  3. Your zip looks awesome!
    Isn't it wonderful when you finally figure these out . . . the possibilities are endless!

  4. Good for you! The thought of putting a zipper in scares me. ha! Great job!

  5. good for .. congrats .. the pouch looks perfect w/ the zip .. job well done ..