Thursday, February 2, 2012

Something's Fishy and A Winner

Within moments of each other I opened several different applications tonight, and found {very} conflicting data.

Exhibit #1: What tipped me off was that the flickr widget on my blog has been alternating 'explore' numbers. This is what it looks like right this minute. (6, right?)
Exhibit #2: For some reason, it had been fluctuating since Tangerisk hit explore last week. So I decided to check out flickr-explorer again, and found this! (9 pics, right?)
Exhibit #3: On I went to see what a Scout poster would look like from bighugelabs, and I found this!! (8 pics, right? But it shows my two latest blocks, no Tangerisk, and only one Supernova!)
Please tell me you see the discrepancies here! I count 11 different 'explored' pics overall, but nowhere are they all together. Has anyone else run into this or have any explanation for it?? Just weird, IMHO.

Enough of that - it's time to choose a winner of my One Year give-away.
You are not going to believe this. I can honestly hardly believe it myself.  With hubby as my witness, Susan of The History Quilter, you are #36 and the winner. Susan commented . . .

SusanFeb 2, 2012 05:32 AM
Congratulations again on your 1st year of blogging. You are one of my go-to blogs when I have a chance to read and now every Monday evening is a dinner made with the intent on entering into Tuesday at the Table. Although I have not embarked on it yet, my newest quilting adventure will be learning how to free motion quilt during two classes I will be taking later on this month. So excited to branch out and try new things! Again, Happy Anniversary! :)
Susan has been one of my biggest supporters, and for sure, the main encourager behind Tuesday at the Table. She introduced me to quilting podcasts (check hers out here), and though a busy mom, wife, quilter, and student(!), has become a regular follower and a special friend. I'm pleased as can be that she is the winner of my One Year give-away.

Thank you all for the affirmation and friendship expressed in your comments. I am feeling blessed to be on this journey together.


  1. I know nothing of this flickr explore stuff, so can't help you there. Still needed to check in tho to see about the giveaway, and how nice for Susan to win!!

    By the way, I've been quilting today on the new machine and it is amazing. :)

  2. Yay for Susan!! She is pretty awesome. :)

    Most of Flickr is still a mystery to me. I have only figured out how to upload pictures.

  3. That is interesting about the explore. I only ever looked at the blue huge labs stuff, I will have to try these other location programs. I think that pictures go on and off explore and back so it may have something to do with when the program looks or something. All a mystery to me, but fun to be seen as interesting by the flickr community.
    Congratulations to Susan!

  4. Congrats Susan----and you too debbie. I always enjoy your posts.

  5. Yay, Susan!! Sorry, but I'm no help whatsoever on the explore stuff...

  6. ok, i have for the last little while been trying to find that widget on bighugelabs. how did you get that one?

  7. I'm no help either but please let us know what you find out. ~so excited~ about my win! Thank you. :)

  8. A photo can be on explore only briefly and then be pushed out when more photos that day are deemed to be more "interesting" by Flickr's algorithms. Sites like Big Huge Labs ask Flickr for a list of what photos are currently on explore in order to tell you if your photos have been explored. Different sites retrieve this list at different times of day and at different frequencies -- that's why one site's explore list might be different than another's. Officially, according to Flickr, a photo has only officially been explored for a given day if it is in explore at midnight PST for the past day. Big Huge Labs has a good FAQ page about all of this here (also, their list of explored photos is probably the most accurate of the ones you listed above.)

  9. One more thing: On the scout poster page you can see which photos made it officially to explore and which ones were dropped. Just click on the "include dropped"link that's above the explored photos. That will show you all your photos that have made it to explore, even the ones that didn't officially make it (the little red x next to the date means it was dropped.)