Monday, February 20, 2012

A Table Tidbit

I was reminded today that the table can be a shopping cart at the grocery store. With a latte for me and the smallest Starbucks cup - with a straw and filled with milk - for my granddaughter, the two of us started off on our first grocery shopping trip together. A quick stop at the bakery provided what was still, thankfully, grocery store tradition - a free cookie for the little one.

I had forgotten how much I must have taught my children at the grocery store. As my granddaughter pointed out veggies, I named them for her. As we passed by the dog food, she "woof-woofed", and then we wheeled slowly by the cat food, examining the kitty on each package. As we checked out, I thanked her for her help as she reached from her seat in the cart to put items on the conveyor belt.

What we shared at the grocery store today wasn't a meal, but it was certainly a time of refreshment, of sharing, of encouraging growth - many of the best qualities of time around the table. And boy, did I feel fed.


  1. How sweet! You are so right! The grocery store offer so many opportunities for learning. I've talked with my daughter about colors of different foods, weights, prices, using the scale, counting out items, etc. And we are such regulars at our store that the staff know us and our interactions with them offer my daughter social learning opportunities as well. Not to mention, we come away with good eats!

  2. How sweet! I miss grocery shopping with my youngster. He used to have a laminated book of common items that he could check off as we went. Now it's a chore and he doesn't want to go with me.