Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home, Sweet, Home

Thanks for all of the good wishes on Thursday, as I headed off on my quilting retreat! We had a great time and have already picked out a date for next year, which is cool!

Meanwhile, before I doze off on the couch, I thought I better give you a progress report! And yes, duh, I took way more projects than I had time for. But, let's focus on accomplishments:

1. Finished For the Love of Solids2 large project!
 (More in tomorrow's post, though full reveal has to wait a big longer . . . )

2. Got Wild Thing quilted, and binding made and stitched on - now time for some hand-sewing to finish.
(totally planned on some fmq, but just wasn't ready on a project this large,
so did some in-the-ditch twice through each pinwheel)

3. Made the latest Solstice Star.

4. Made three Granny Square blocks for do.Good Stitches' February project. These were really fun to make. We'll be making three baby quilts, each on different backgrounds - one on aqua, one on snow, and one on peony. That's why my blocks have different solids - they are for two different quilts.

5. Finished one of my Scrapbuster Swap blocks - a long-time w.i.p. I'm using this block as inspiration
and adding to each of the Scrappy Depression blocks I got in the swap.
Scrapbuster Swap blocks returned
My first 'test' block turned out like this:

Well, that's what I got done! Not bad, considering there was relaxing to do, eating, visiting, fabric-buying - you get the drift. All in all, a lovely quilt-til-you-drop get-away weekend!


  1. Wow Debbie, you were very bussy! All this amazing things you´ve done. I love the granny sqares in aqua and looking forward to see your for the love of solids tomorrow!

  2. Love it all, Debbie!! Glad to have you back, but also happy that you enjoyed your weekend so much. :) Wild thing looks great. Love the borders you added.

  3. You must have been so busy, looks like you had a very productive weekend.

  4. Amazing projects, Debbie. Love the Solstice Star. What fabrics can do!

  5. WOW thats an awful lot of work for a relaxing, chatting, eating kinda weekend!! Sounds like you had an amazing time :)

  6. You really got a lot done, Debbie! Everything looks great and I really love that Solstice Star. Glad you had such a fun time!

  7. Busy bee! They all look great, the scrappy blocks are gorgeous. I also love the thread in the Love of Solids2!

  8. Looks like a fun and productive weekend! It all looks super!

  9. i NEED a quilting retreat! i would be able to get so much stuff done! your finishes are all so awesome! i love that solstice star!

  10. I love your Wild Thing quilt! Can't wait to see that one finished up.

  11. Genius use of the scrapbuster swap blocks! I LOVE IT!