Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shout-Outs and More

Lots going on in blog-land! I was thrilled as can be to see walking foot wednesdays mentioned on Jacquie  Gering's blog this week. Nothing like learning from a master! SO looking forward to this weekly feature - "tips, tricks and creative quilting designs with a walking foot"!

Meanwhile, there's a "Quilting Modern" blog blast weekend going on now! I've shared about my meet-up with Jacquie {here} and more recently with Katie Peterson {here}, so you can imaging my interest in their little celebration. Get started by visiting both Sew Katie Did and Tallgrass Prairie Studio as they share about their sewing spaces. Lots of familiar faces are joining in with their take on projects from the book.

I also got wind of an EZ Dresden Challenge sponsored by the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. I'm not sure I'll be joining in the challenge, but I do have an EZ dresden ruler I got in my Christmas stocking (thanks mom!), that I haven't tried yet, so I'll at least be following along as bloggers share tips and projects etc., and hope to try my ruler out one of these days soon. (Kick off was yesterday/Blog Hop June 2-15/Link Up September 1-6.)

So now this is totally random . . .
Is anyone familiar with flickeflu?? In searching for a post about a Zakka project, this came up, where I saw pics of several of my Zakka projects along with many others. I have no idea . . .

And what do you know about Quilting Board - The Quilter's Messenger Board? In another search I found a link to my tutorials listed there.

Just curious - always interesting to see your work flung about . . .


  1. Thanks re: the walking foot wednesdays. I don't subscribe to that blog, well, not until now, and I'm eager to hear what she has to say. I love my walking foot!

    Quilting board - it's funny, I've made ONE measly little tutorial on my blog, and somehow it wound up on quilting board and I've actually had SO much traffic from there. It seems like a very popular place.

    Flickeflu, never heard of it and it has a very weird name!

  2. I keep hearing about them a lot looks very strange and robot like to me.

    Never heard of either of the sites. I was reading the Flickeflu information and its something to do with Flickr, have no idea how your pictures get on there without you knowing, but hey strange things go on in the internet world.

    I was checking my traffic sources the other day and sites I've never been on came up. =D

  3. I never hear about any of that sites.

  4. the quilting board is a community site for all things quilting and more. the quilters there are knowledgeable, willing to share, helpful, tolerant, etc. there is a pictures section to show off your work, a tutorials place to share or refer to. there's a place for chit-chat threads, and, of course, the quilting threads section.

  5. I've never heard of FlickeFlu, but it looks like just a different way to view and/or comment on things that are already on Flickr? I know there are lots of different viewers for instagram, so I'm thinking this might be similar.

    I too have gotten a LOT of traffic from the Quilting Board! Which is funny since I'd never heard of it either before I found it in my Analytics. : )

  6. These are my favorite informative! Thanks Debbie!