Thursday, June 21, 2012

A {summer} Table Tidbit

You all know I'm following the Zakka sew-along, and our project for next week is . . . potholders! I was thinking that there's not quite a week left in the Tuesday at the {summer} Table celebration, so if you don't happen to be a foodie and don't feel like sharing table talk, then maybe a quick and easy kitchen project might be fun. So do you want to sew along while I make my Zakka potholders?

I'll be making potholders similar to those first ones in the mosaic below. But I've got lots of other ideas for you, if you don't have the Zakka book.

Here are the blog links to the projects above, some of which have tutorials:
Patchwork Potholder - Zakka Style by so happy to sew
Scrappy Potholders by Felicity Quilts on FairyFace Designs
Scrapbuster Potholders by Fresh Lemons Quilts
QAYG Scrappy Potholders by Texas Freckles
Oval Potholders by Marci Girl Designs

And here are some Pinterest finds . . .
Polka Dot Pot Holders by a pretty cool life

                                                   Source: via Sang on Pinterest

Quilted Potholder Tutorial by Oh, Fransson!

                                                   Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Amy Butler Potholder by 33 shades of Green

                                                                    Source: via Chelsi on Pinterest

Pretty Potholders by Prudent Baby

                                                  Source: via Debbie on Pinterest

Matching Potholders by Crafting . . .

                                                   Source: via Debbie on Pinterest

Hometown Potholders, also by Crafting . . .

                                                  Source: via Danialle on Pinterest

and Scrap Busting Pot Holders by My Girl Thursday

Whoa! That's alot of potholders! Find anything there that's tempting you? If so, whip up a set and link them up HEREDue to a minor miscalculation on my part, the link-up will actually close next Wednesday night. So I'll be choosing a random winner Thursday, June 28. Sorry 'bout that!

If you forgot there were even prizes, you can check them out here. And do check out the recipes and projects already linked up. We've been having a good time gathered around the table!


  1. Thanks for including my scrappy potholder tutorial, Debbie!

  2. Oh, you have given me the incentive to get making! I wonder whether I will have time to make some before I go away on Tuesday? Let's hope so! Now, which tutorial will I choose?

  3. I have been enjoying the recipes, maybe I can make some potholders too, let's see.

  4. I will have to see if I can squeeze an extra few minutes out of the time I have been given : )

  5. Thanks for including my pot holder Debbie. :) I'd love to make some potholders and link up - in fact I've had Felicities tutorial bookmarked for quite some time so thanks for reminding me of that one! I'd probably need to buy some insulbrite though as I don't think I have any left. I'm sure my kids would love to accompany me to the fabric store. haha

  6. Those Hometown pot holders sure are pretty! ;)

  7. They all look so pretty! I would love to have them in my kitchen =D

  8. Awww...thanks for including my little old potholders in such a great collection! So many great ones, hard to pick a favorite!

  9. Every time I see some of these I think 'What a great idea' and then I see what my flatmate does to our oven gloves, and I think 'Maybe not' ;o)

  10. I am going to try making a few potholders this weekend - I have some insul-bright ready to use for them too.

  11. This is great Debbie! Just so happens I was saving a table runner and pot holder post for the next Tuesday at the Table. Will link up then :)

  12. Oh this is going to be fun as I've already got my food plan for Tuesday and now I'm going to add a bit more. :)
    Great idea and great post!

  13. Fun post, Debbie! Love those pot holders. And Zakka project already done for next week. I just finished mine for this week's.