Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday at the {summer} Table

The grill-master in our house has always been hubby. And honestly, I enjoy his summer help with the cooking. But lately, I've gone so far as to turn the barbecue on all by myself, and actually grill up something mighty tasty all by myself! And I've found it kind of fun! My most successful attempt has been using the marinade in this recipe for Chicken Gyro Sandwiches. I left the chicken in larger pieces, though, and placed them right on the grill. Then before serving, I sliced them diagonally. We didn't even make sandwiches, actually, but served all the components separately, with fresh pita and Tzatziki of course, some good hummus, and a big Greek salad in place of the shredded lettuce. Both ways, this recipe from our local Kafe Neo is awesome.

One of my absolute favorite summer grilling recipes is Summer Grilled Flank Steak with Kalamata Olives and Feta Cheese by Kathy Casey, one of Seattle's celebrity chefs. I have all her cookbooks and love her recipes in general. (And for those of you so inclined, she has a show on Small Screen Network called Liquid Kitchen. And boy does she know her liquids!) oh! Back to the recipe . . . it's amazingly good. With an oh-so-interesting kalamata (my fav) marinade, and topped with more kalamata (my fav) goodness and feta . . . well, it's extra special, and one of those dishes we love to make for guests.

Ok, one more thing . . . last night we grilled up some mixed veg and chicken marinated briefly in left-over 1-3-5, and it dawned on me to add a couple of lemon halves to the grill. (Cut in half cross-wise, cut off the ends so they're flat, and brush all cut edges with olive oil. Grill on cut edges till charred a bit. Thanks, Susan!)
I tell ya, squeezing one of these over, uh everything on my plate, gave it all some really good flavor. Will definitely do that again.

So what about you? Have a favorite grill recipe to share? Anything quilty for the kitchen or dining room? A story from your table? We're mid-way through June, believe it or not, and that means the Tuesday at the {summer} Table event is half over! So don't miss out. Link up right here to have a chance to win some fun prizes, and better yet, just share some good times around the table.
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  1. Okay, someone somewhere is telling me to make these chicken sandwiches as this is the second time i have seen the idea in the same number of days. Thanks Debbie. Lunch is sorted!

  2. Those all sound yummy, but alas, no barbecue for me as I live in a 1st floor flat with no garden (even the ground floor flats don't have a garden lol) Maybe I'll pop a little something under the grill or use my grilling pan on the hob...

  3. Oh wow, I will be making those Chicken Gyros, that sounds so good and easy. I ended up with some lamb a few weeks ago and made real gyros with no recipe and was so proud that they tasted like my favorite restaurant. YUM!

  4. All this Greek food has got my mouth watering. I will definitely be checking out these recipes.
    I use the grill if hubby isn't home, but last week I thought I was going to have to call the fire dept. because of some old chicken grease that was burning off. Scary!!
    Good idea with the lemon, btw.

  5. Those sound great, Debbie! I don't use my grill nearly enough and I don't have a good reason. I always love the ease of grilling, though, so we'll definitely be trying your recipe. Thanks!

  6. That gyro recipe sounds fantastic - can't wait to try it! You always share such yummy stuff :-)