Friday, April 5, 2013

About That

So another arbitrary list has been growing this week . . .

I realized I forgot to show you the Caddy Pad that my friend Sharon made me! Isn't it a clever design? {pattern in link} And I love the fabric and button she chose. Now where shall I take my iron? ;-)

Pellon has a new website, and boy is it looking good! Did you know there's oodles of projects there, in addition to all the helpful info about their products, which personally I use nearly every week. 
Pellon Projects

As part of the Finish-A-Long Q1 link-up, Leanne at shecanquilt is hosting a series of tutorials this week. Do check them out! One of them I really appreciated was on Photo Tips for Quilt Photographers by Anne of playcrafts. I'm always interested in posts like this - now to take the time and energy to put them into practice!

Another FAITH Circle quilt was shared this week - this time by Mary Ann/maremare312. I'm always curious how the blocks I made look in the finished quilt, so here's my original Converging Corners blocks:
Converging Corners block   

Converging Corners block
And here's the finished quilt!
do.Good Stitches--Faith Circle, December Quilt

Thought you might like to see my current collection of Lucky Star blocks, including April's Black Hole Star (center).
Lucky Stars BOM 1-5

Oh and I couldn't resist sharing a pic of my grandgirl with her Easter basket - a little plastic-canvas creation I made for her mommy some 20+ years ago. Just a little reminder that what we create just may be cherished for a very long time . . .

And lastly, in addition to my giveaway of a copy of Patchwork, Please!, the lovely author, Ayumi, also has a copy to share, so check that out if you'd like another chance!

Meanwhile, I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Sometimes I really have to LOOK for my blocks in quilts, but yes it's such a nice feeling. The finished quilt is great.
    Cute pic of your grand girlie

  2. Your stars are looking great, and I love your caddy! That picture of your granddaughter is adorable -- love that basket!

  3. Your stars are looking SOOOO awesome! Do you have a plan for them?

  4. Another fab selection of random, and I love that you can put your hands on all the things you made for your daughter and share them again!

  5. Look at grandgirlie's shoes!!? So cute and awesome.

    The star blocks continue to amaze me.

  6. The Converging corners is such a clever block pattern! Love your iron caddy and your Lucky stars block too.

  7. ok, when I met you last month, you said you didn't get much done since you work full time. or as much done as others in the group. Um... I have to disagree. obviously working full time doesn't slow you down a bit! :)

  8. Lookin' good! Especially love the picture of your grandgirl... How special when things are passed from one generation to the next!

  9. Your star blocks are fabulous!

  10. Hi There, such lovely work!!! Love the Easter basket!!! I am off to check out shecanquilt right now!!

  11. Little girl and her Easter basket is so very sweet! Love that iron caddy, such a nice gift!