Tuesday, April 9, 2013

W.i.P. Wednesday

I've enjoyed several "little" finishes this week, and am looking forward to working on my FAL list for this next quarter.

Completed projects
April Lucky Star block - Can I just say I love these more every time I make another?! This month's had two layout options, and I just may need to make both!
Black Hole Star

Persian Pickles table topper -  My mom saw this pattern by Kevin Kosban in an old stitch magazine (summer 2011) and chose the fabrics to coordinate in her kitchen nook.
Persian Pickles table topper
It measures 30 1/2" x 34", and though I struggled a tad with the construction method, the blast I had quilting it more than made up for it. I chose three different coordinating threads, a Mettler burgandy, and two Aurifil Mako 50's, "Pale Yellow" (#2130) and a new favorite for me, "Sand" (#2325) - love it. Using a different quilting design in each section added to the fun.
Persian Pickles table topper quilting detail

SMQG nametag - Got it done in time for our meeting Monday. I'll share more in a future post.

Ongoing projects
Woodland cross-stitch sampler - Still working to catch up!

x and + blocks {#xplusalong} - I have 40 more blocks all cut out and ready to sew! Hope by this time next week I am well on my way!

Mid-Century Modern quilt - I've received all my Hugs & Kisses blocks now, and am debating layout and finishing. I think I prefer the on-point layout best, but now am mulling over how to fill in the edges - more blocks, a solid gray or varieties of gray, or a variety of low-value prints. {see alternate layout in my Q2 FAL list} I welcome your thoughts!
Considering layout #mcm #MCM

Lucky Stars mini - I think I've decided to pull these five stars together into a mini. Now to execute my idea!

Scrappy triangles - set aside, as I ran out of scraps large enough . . .

April bee blocks - In progress!

Upcoming projects
* SMQG star challenge quilt
* pillow for grandgirl
* Polaroid block projects
* pillows
* mail bag

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  1. I really like that you are using the Architextures fabric for the background of those fabulous stars! I kept switching from one screen to the other for the layout of your Mid Century Modern. I like them both--which is helpful information, I know. :)

  2. WOW! That Lucky Star is amazing! I can see how an alternate layout option would appeal! Please make one; I'd love to see it!

  3. I really, really like the April Lucky Star! Superb color selections.

  4. I always love your work! Your Lucky Stars Blocks look amazing together!

  5. The star is gorgeous .. quite inspirational.

  6. Your Lucky stars blocks are just amazing and I really like the on point layout for the Mid Century Modern blocks too!

  7. Hi There, Love the table topper!!! Fabric and colors are wonderful!!!

  8. The lucky stars are beautiful Debbie!

  9. Every time I see your Lucky Stars blocks I swoon! They are all turning out so great!!

  10. Wowza, I'm loving your Mid Century Modern bee blocks! Fabulous! And the on point layout is really stunning, too, thumbs up :) I also, of course,a adore your Black Hole Star, and I know the feeling - I'm hoping to make another one with the other layout too, and use both in my finished quilt!

  11. I really like your April star, thats mt favorite so far out of all of them.

  12. Oh, I liked the regular setting, but I live love love the on point setting! No ideas on filling in the corners, but definitely go with that one, because I said so. ;) I like the table topper too - good job on the quilting!

  13. Beautiful blocks again. I think your Mid Century blocks might get lost if surrounded by more low volume. I like the idea of grey setting triangles. Just a thought ; )

  14. Oh, how I love your Lucky Stars blocks. And look at you go with the free motion. No fear!

  15. Great projects! I like the on point layout for your bee quilt too. It'll be interesting to see how you fill it in.

  16. The stars blocks look so pretty all together. I'm curious what your plan is for those 5!

    Good for you, doing varied FMQ on that one project. I haven't done FMQ in ages now and I'm sure I'm quite rusty again.

  17. Those Mid Century Modern blocks do look great on point. If it were me, I would probably use gray to fill in the spaces. Possibly different shades.

    Your Lucky Stars are so great, what are you going to make with them?

  18. just beautiful, Debbie. Love all that variety of projects you're working on.

  19. Ooh! You get a lot done. All beautiful.

  20. Love that star, they're all going to look fab together in that mini

  21. I made my first x and plus block today. LOVED sewing it. Now I need to cut the fabric for another 79 or so.

  22. I've always been partial to on-point layouts. I like that with the MCMBee blocks. I wonder if there's a way to add a short strip of vertical solid toward the inside of each of the setting triangles. Do you know what I mean? Seems like the addition of those would make the quilt center's little squares look finished. If I haven't made myself clear, do say so.

  23. Love your print choices on your star blocks. I can't wait to see your mini finished.