Monday, April 15, 2013

So Social

You may or may not have noticed, but I've been tweaking the blog lately. The most obvious difference was the farewell to the left-hand column. But wait - that was where all of my social media connections were listed one by one. Enter the new social media buttons found directly underneath my photo in the right column. Many thanks to Taryn of from Pixels to Patchwork, for generously and graciously creating the buttons for me.

By adding them, I was able to do some spring cleaning on the blog, plus upload larger photos which are now being resized to custom fit per the excellent advice of LBG Studio at Sewing Summit. Hopefully you can see things better, and blog posts upload faster.

Here's a little highlight of the new buttons . . .
  • RSS - Honestly, this was one I didn't really understand, but I do know if you click over, you can follow A Quilter's Table in a variety of ways, including by email.
  • Bloglovin' - This seems to be the way many folks are now reading the blogs they follow, due to the immenint demise of Google Reader. I find it very user-friendly, and love that I can organize the blogs I read into folders. I was able to import straight from my Google Reader, so it's a pretty easy switch.
  • Flickr - I touch base here often. Flickr is where I share progress pics of everything I do, plus connect with  my bees. I follow many groups that just downright inspire me, plus there's Quilting with A Quilter's Table where you can post your own projects inspired by mine.
  • Instagram - I've heard this called "micro-blogging" and that fits pretty well. What I post here may be pretty random, but for sure you'll always find process posts. If I need an opinion on a project, this is where I go, as the response is quick and enthusiastic.
  • Pinterest - You'll find an assortment here, mostly quilty things, but also some foodie boards, projects from AQT, plus a Zakka 2.0 :: Patchwork, Please board, where we'll be posting projects from the sew along. In general, I use Pinterest to store things I want to reference later.
  • Facebook - Honestly, I share things here that I don't necessarily post on my blog - interesting posts I find here and there, beautiful projects that I think you'll enjoy, an occasional post from A Quilter's Table.
  • Threadbias - This is a newer online community where you can create a fabric library, browse projects and share your own (easily uploading your pics from flickr and Instagram even), and join in discussions with other sewists. I've been sharing my most recent projects here, and am looking forward to exploring their new web-based quilt design tool too.
  • Email - Feel free to use this anytime, with a question, a comment, or just personal chatter.
So consider the blog 'home base', and use the new buttons to explore more of A Quilter's Table.


  1. I love the streamlined new look! I am now following you on Instagram too! I do miss not seeing your previous posts though..... ;-((

  2. Nice! And I learnt something new, off to check out treadbias now as I have never heard of it!

  3. Looking spiffy around here! :)

  4. You are so on top of it Debbie! I have yet to do the Bloglovin' thing. Glad to hear it sounds painless, I have been dragging my feet.

  5. Yes! Thanks a lot to explaining all those things to me!!!
    I will try out your buttons one by one.

  6. I made buttons a while ago, it's the rest of my blog that really needs an overhaul! Maybe you've motivated me...

  7. ha! i'm glad i'm not the only one that never understood the rss feed thingy. i need to do a revamp like this. but i don't really know how to do the pretty buttons and coding for it. i'm glad you found some help :)

  8. I need to do some tidying on my blog too. How do you resize the photos to custom fit?

  9. Wow Debbie. You are so computer savvy. I can't remember if you ever 'claimed your blog' thru bloglovin or not. I added a button, but that's it. Do we have to claim it?

  10. Ooooh, look at you go! Very fun changes, something that is way overdue on mine!

  11. All I have EVER used, in my six years of blogging and reading blogs, is RSS Feed. I don't get why anyone would want to read blogs any other way!

  12. Looking good, Debbie! You're so on top of things! :)