Friday, November 15, 2013

And that's not all!

By last night I knew another random post was in order, like now. I must have a second sense for cloth napkins lately, as I came across these Handmade Napkins with Mitered Corners by whipstitch, which also comes with a helpful size chart . . .

And these delightful and surprising Mind Your Manners Napkins from Gingercake, which give me such a smile.

On the topic of quilt labels, I realized the shop where I got mine isn't accepting new orders, but the following shops were recommended on Ig. 
Another option mentioned was that of printing your own on Spoonflower. If you go that route, here's a two-part tutorial by Jaybird Quilts (one/two). I'll update this list as I hear back from a few feelers I have out.

And seeing the new January 2014 issue of American Quilter magazine yesterday made my ho-hum day (read: carpet delay) into a much more fun one.
I knew it was coming, but still, seeing Common Affection in print along with the other modern quilt challenge winners from AQS QuiltWeek Des Moines really gave me a thrill. I think I'll ride on that for a while.


  1. haha - the mind your manners napkins are really cute!

  2. You are showing up in all the cool magazines! I need to make some new napkins and check out labels, thank you.

  3. congrats! I made some napkins this week! Love the manners ones!And thanks for the label info. I need to order some for sure.

  4. congrats again for all the great press - good luck with the rest of the house, hope it goes smoothly.

  5. Congrats Debbie . . . I'm thrilled for you too.

  6. Love the napkins and links, congrats to you too!