Monday, September 1, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

I'll just say it. August was an unusual month for me. To put it simply, I guess I just moved at a slower pace. I wasn't in overdrive like I often am, and that's probably a good thing. I did get bee blocks out of the way right off, and a few littles made.

I experimented with polyester hex mesh and made a few items for traveling.

The largest project was a pair of Stone-Stepping table runners, which were inspired by a quilt pattern in We Love Color, and while a tad challenging in that I figured it out as I went, really were quite satisfying. Thanks goes to my mom for her assistance in choosing both the adapted "patterns" and solids. And honestly, it was kind of fun dragging out the graph paper to sketch things out.

And finally, over a weekend's time, I was able to create Canvas, Baby, my third project using shecanquilt's charming "Canvas" pattern. Excuse my saying so, but every version I've made has been a delight every step of the way. Serious.

September will have a slow start with what else I have going on, but I'll be back at it before you know it!

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  1. Hey, wasn't there a little trip to Italy in there somewhere! Your latest "Canvas" had me pulling my pattern out! I really want to make this! I need to make some decisions....

  2. We all need a bit of a slow down sometimes : )
    Even travelling you manage to blog. Amazing......

  3. Yay for August! You done pretty well!

  4. Lovely makes! You look to have had a productive month

  5. You have had a beautiful month. I especially love the Canvas quilt, but then again, I am totally biased.

  6. Oh yeah, you *totally* slacked off there... ;o)

  7. Love all your little makes this month!

  8. Great projects. You still got a lot done for being a "slow" month. :)

  9. Agree with Cindy's comment. Even your "slow" month makes me look turtle-ish! Hope you are having fun where you are.

    :) Elizabeth