Monday, April 27, 2015

Guild Sewing

There have been several projects lately that are guild-related. Besides the Paint Chip Challenge, we are also working on creating a guild quilt - something that's been discussed for a long time. We were each given a packet with 3 of 4 Kona solids (white, ash, azure, cactus) and were asked to create a 5 1/2" block. We could add in the 4th color, so I did, and without really having a firm idea in mind, just started cutting and sewing. Here's what I came up with.

I got quite a few comments on Instagram when I posted this little block about how much they liked the color palette. Well that just happens to be our 'guild colors'!

Also, I've added another row to my Medallion BOM quilt! The color balance is much better in person, believe me. That purple Cotton+Steel print really helps the center block pop. With this most recent border, the medallion measures 32" square.

So with that, I think I've done my homework for our May meeting!


  1. Your guild sounds like such fun, I love that little block especially.

  2. love them both. I love watching what your guild is doing!

  3. fabulous little block and your medallion looks stunning!

  4. I wish I lived next door to you or down the street or close to your guild. You all do amazing stuff. I'd love to find a MQG in southern Minnesota.

  5. I like all the challenges and sewing your guild does. Love that block.