Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Little Things

There's several small projects I've made this month that I haven't gotten around to sharing so here goes!

I couldn't resist giving the 1 hour basket a go after seeing oodles of them on Instagram. It was fun to make and considering I didn't really take note of the finished size before starting, it turned out larger than I expected (10"x6"x7"). The tutorial was easy to follow, and I liked the construction technique. Next time I may add some interfacing or batting to the handles just to beef them up a bit. oh, and for the record, it took me 30 minutes to pick out fabrics, 90 minutes to actually sew the basket. All in all, a pretty quick make.

I winged it on this next project, a fabric-covered mini clipboard for grandgirl, who loves to make lists. There are several tutorials on Pinterest, but they all used mod-podge, which I didn't have and didn't have time to go purchase. So basically I made a tight-fitting sleeve after tracing the clipboard on the wrong side of my fabric. Then the top edges were trimmed and tucked in, secured with heavy-duty double-sided tape. Not too professional but I think it'll hold up for quite a while.

Then there were a couple of baby gifts for my friend Marci who is due very soon. First, a couple of quilted bibs from the tutorial by sew she sews. Personally I like the velcro closure - it's easy to sew on, plus easy to use on baby.

Then I made the Travel Diaper Clutch using the tutorial by SewCraftyJess. This little clutch uses a unique Pellon product that I had used just once before, when due to my own error, I applied it to the wrong side of my fabric. I paid better attention this time, and the Vinyl-Fuse worked like a charm, making the clutch water repellent. It's been a while since I was caring for an infant, but if I remember correctly, this will be a convenient little item to have.

Making these baby items prompted me to make a new Pinterest board, Sewing for Baby. I pinned these and other baby projects I've made so I have some ideas for next time.

So there's the last of the littles from the month - a lot of PINK!


  1. Those baskets have taken over IG. I still need to make a few for organizing my sewing room and my closet.

  2. Love the basket! Where have I been and not seen these before? Did you see Michelle's ironing board on IG? I want to do that and make baskets for the squares! This looks like a good tutorial for that! Love all the pink! :)

  3. I really want to make one of those hour baskets. They are such a useful size! Yours looks great. I'll remember the tip about the handles ; )

  4. Lovely basket. I am for some time planning to make some bibs. Yours are cute. I could get started, because they are nice little presents.

  5. Deb--You are so creative! I especially loved the Grandgirl's clipboard cover! I'm sure she was thrilled with it! Wish we had more time last week--I'd have loved to see your projects--and just hear you talk about them in person! Glad we did get to spend at least a couple of precious hours with you and Joe...and R-M-L...and GG and D, too.

  6. Such a timely read! I have a pile of flannel here for bibs and burp cloths I need to get done ( my daughters all loved the Velcro too ) And now I am going off to look at the clutch, a super add and practical too, to my standard shower gifts. Have a great day !

  7. Nice basket! I just finished Anna Graham's divided basket. It's easy enough except I decided to slip stitch the lining in but it is still very difficult for me to do any hand stitching, so I have cut down the center divider a bit to make the next one easier to bind. I want to give one to each of my youngest grandkids. I'm thinking this one hour bag might be a better idea for the time being, though! I didn't know about it, but the pattern I have is just the ticket. Thanks for the inspiration!