Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 Finish-A-Long: Q1 Finishes

The Finish-A-Long has been a huge motivator for me since its inception, and I'm happy to report another successful quarter.
What was the beginnings of a baby quilt did indeed get finished and gifted.
I used Judy Martin's Star Cluster block and up-sized it to make a 40" quilt. This was very fun to make scrappy from stash. 
I had begun another baby quilt using shecanquilt's Canvas pattern.
 No surprise, it was straight-forward and fun to pull together, and it too has been gifted. 
Faith Circle's December quilt was another priority. I had all the blocks and just needed to move forward with them.
The resultant "Junctions" made me so pleased - this palette just always seems to sing. And the intersection blocks using the tutorial by Film in the Fridge were such fun. Considering this quilt was sent off to FAITH Circle's chosen charity, I may just need to try this pattern again sometime.
I'd been wanting a patchwork-covered sketch book for quite some time, so making it a priority to finish before heading to QuiltCon was a no-brainer.
Using Carolyn Friedlander's Doe made this task just a pleasure, and the book has been in pretty constant use ever since. (And I've made about 7 more!)

Lastly is a project you've seen plenty of already this week, my Keychain in Oakshotts and Essex. At the start of the FAL quarter, I had one lone block . . .
And I finished the quilt just in the nick of time! Whew! A great way to end the quarter!
So there we go! I'm pretty pleased to be 5/5! You can click on the names of each project if you missed their reveal posts. Now it's time to plan what's up next!
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
I've linked up all my finishes! You should check them out - over 200 beautiful projects, and folks are still linking up. If you haven't already been participating in the Finish-A-Long, join us next quarter! Just watch for details at On the Windy Side!


  1. A wonderful array of projects Debbie! I love everything- the pieced star that shines from the cover of your notebook, the colour palette in "Junctions" and the scrappy "Oh Baby"!!! You must be very proud of each and everyone of them.....

  2. Love the colors of Junctions~and everything else :)

  3. Wonderful finishes! I'm intrigued by the keychain block and love what you did with it.

  4. Way to go Debbie. I got 2 out of 4 done which is good for me. Especially love the Junction quilt.

  5. Love Junctions. The colors blend so well.

  6. All your projects always inspire me to try more techniques. You are truly my muse.