Monday, May 9, 2016

May is for Makers :: The Hazel Pouch

While I won't use the pattern I purchased in week one of May is for Makers just yet, I dove right in for this week after choosing The Hazel Pouch by Jennie/Clover & Violet.

I chose to make the large version (12” w x 9” t x 2 ½” d), and used some lovely fabrics I had forgotten about in my stash. Funny how that happens!

All three size options in Jennie's pattern include an interior pocket and a sewn-in divider, a feature I don't remember doing before. The main panels and sides/bottom (one piece) are all quilted, but not with fusible fleece or batting - but flannel! As Jennie says, it "makes the bag sturdy, yet still soft and flexible." And it's true! Funny confession though .... the only flannel I had in-house was covered with mittens and mugs of cocoa. So beneath that bright geometric print is something very sweet and homey.

I found Jennie's pattern easy to follow, and the only truly challenging bit was not the zipper, but the binding. I had chosen a green linen as my accent, and I didn't take into account the added thickness of that fabric. So once I had the binding sewn on, it wouldn't fold over to the inside as it should. So off it came, I recut adding a 1/2" to the width, and back on it went. You can see it's hand-stitched along the top of the bag. I finished by adding a fabric 'ribbon' to the zipper pull. Since it was a 'purse zipper' as the pattern called for, it had a hole large enough to accommodate that, which was nice.

Though I made the 'plain' version of the Hazel Pouch, I did want you to see that the pattern also includes instructions for darling patchwork versions as well. What nice options, right?


  1. cute. did she have you cut the binding on the bias? that always helps when I do this kind of zipper application

  2. I've never seen this pattern...thanks for sharing it.

  3. that is absolutely adorable. Love the color combo and the little extra touch from the zipper pull. I'm gonna go check out her site. Also found some great patterns from Dog Under My Desk I want to do as part of May is for Makers. Love it!!

  4. What a cute pouch, with great features. I love your zipper ribbon, nice touch!

  5. Great review Debbie, I'll have to add this pattern. I can see many uses for it.