Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long :: Q3 List

I'm going out on a limb with this quarter's FAL list, since not everything here is under my control. But considering that's pretty much the nature of my w.i.p. list right now, I'm going with it.

1. First up is my Modern Sampler, which is well under way, with only August's block left to make. But unbeknownst to me until recently follows some applique! Being a little anxious to continue working on this while still following the quilt along schedule, I decided to begin the applique where I could, incorporating a bit of machine stitching where it works. Still to be decided is what border fabric I want, so mulling that over....

2. Next are my Bee Sewcial Swap blocks, which is one project that is slightly out of my control, considering I don't have all my blocks yet. But I'm excited about what I do have, and what I know is yet to come. I'm still thinking about what I want to make with these, but I'm pretty sure it won't be a table runner....

Apologies to Kari, whose block I received since this photo was taken....

3. Also on the list that's kind of iffy is my new bacon-inspired Bee Sewcial quilt. I've barely shared the assignment, and I get that, but I'm choosing to be hopeful. Plus, two bee-mates already have blocks done!


Bacon bits with a side order of bacon by Anne/@playcrafts

Order up. Who wanted the bacon? by Hillary/@entropyalwayswins

4. And finally, a project I started after seeing an online photo of farm plots last week. I know it's crazy, but something about it called to me, which is pretty shocking considering there are lots of quarter-circle blocks. But oh well, I've pulled oodles of greens from my stash (37!), and we'll see where this goes.

So four is usually a pretty achievable number for me, and honestly, I'd have to start more to add to the list, since I'm not much of a w.i.p.-hoarder. Actually, these feel plenty challenging, knowing full well there will be plenty of other yet-unknown starts before this quarter is over.

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  1. these are all awesome! can't wait to see your stunning results.

  2. I just loved it when you announced 'bacon' as your inspiration, and the great ideas it seems to have sparked in your bee mates. I must confess though, I keep thinking of the commercial with the dog that keeps panting, "Bacon. Bacon. Bacon!" I must watch too much TV.

  3. Your modern sampler is turning out great ! I'm looking forward to seeing these interesting projects finished.

  4. I see you have alreaady started the last one! Hope you get them all done and that one day I will be able to emmulate your short list because I don't have a hoard of WIPS

  5. This is a pretty good list Debbie! Those "bacon" blocks are awesome and I cannot wait to see how all those greens turn out! :-)

  6. This is a great list, you wil have fun working on each of these! I'll be sure to get my bacon block done soon too.

  7. I have another long list... LOve these! I just noticed you already started the applique!

  8. All your projects are amazing...really looking forward to seeing what you do with all the gorgeous green fabric!