Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long :: Q2 Finishes

My 2016 FAL Q2 list was short enough this quarter that I managed to finish with time to spare. Plus it didn't hurt that I really wanted all of these projects done!!

1. The Chaos quilt from my recent class with Libs Elliott was in the midst of being quilted at the start of the quarter.

Here it is finished! I'm super pleased with the quilting design, and those shot cottons were a joy to work with. We're really enjoying having this hang in our living room now.

2. Not really being a bag-maker, the Maker's Tote was the project I had to force myself to face. 

But taking it step by step really helped, and I'm super pleased with the finished tote. It's now all packed up with my sewing basics, which was the plan all along. Hopefully next time I go to a sew-in or retreat, I can throw in a project or two and be on my way.

3. And then there was the Glam Clam! I was all psyched to take the class with Latifah Saafir when I wrote my Q2 list, and did exactly as planned, making one of her Glam Clam variations.

It's the Half-Baked Clams version, complete with Latifah's signature chunky binding.

So I'm relieved and pleased with my three finishes. Now what needs finished in Q3??


  1. great finishes! I have my q3 list ready & it may be a bit too ambitious...

  2. Love the colors you chose for your Chaos quilt! Lots of great finishes--I seem to slow down as the weather heats up :)

  3. My fave is your chaos quilt, it's super striking in the natural light!

  4. great finishes! Love the chaos one! And love the bag!

  5. I love all your finishes and especially want to make a bag like the Maker's Tote.

  6. All three finishes are absolutely gorgeous!