Monday, February 20, 2017


Reading the latest Bee Sewcial prompt is always a trepidatious moment, following by a time of waiting and pondering. At some point, I gather a pile of approved fabrics and just start cutting.

With Karen/@capitolaquilter's theme of EYE(S), I finally came up with a vision for the first block, but after getting just so far, I needed a break. See, I really need to be in the right head-space to tackle these blocks, and that was depleted pretty quickly on this one. 

Fortunately, several days later, the time and head-space returned, and I was able to finish the block at 11.5" x 14.5". Acutally, the flow of the curves was going well enough, but actually calling it done was hard. So finally, I just trimmed it once the block seemed relatively balanced.

I had a rough plan for the second block, but somewhere in the finishing of the first, it came to mind that I had a personal eye-story of my own. When I was born, I had a blue eye and a brown eye. Thinking of that immediately led me in another direction, and I came up with this block, which measures 12.5" x 15". Dare I say I love this block enough I may need to explore with it more some day.

Whew. It's always a relief to have survived another month, but the prompts are always such a good stretch! See more of what the bee is doing on Instagram at #beesewcial, and also what others are creating at #inspiredbybeesewcial.


  1. love your blocks. it's always cool when our work expresses a story. thanks for sharing yours

  2. These are awesome! Love what you created - especially the first one with the 'eye'!

  3. Like your eyes...I pretty much favor the first one, but then you didn't ask, lol. My daughter was born with blue eyes except one is 1/4 brown. Always a conversation when someone notices.
    xx, Carol

  4. I can imagine how challenging these prompts are! Your EYE is just amazing! I cannot believe how perfectly you nailed it!

  5. Great job... I am new to the improv stuff... or should i say i have been doing "improv" for years not knowing what to call it...LOL... I most always fly by the seat of my pants... My problem is trying to stay modern with such a huge stash of "older" fabrics... I figure, if i bought it once, I liked it so SOMETHING will come of it.. any input in that direction would be wonderful... I will have my 70th this year, but will always be a "funky gal"....

  6. I really like both blocks, but the second one is so cool! I cannot wait to see all of those "eye" blocks together in a quilt. :-)