Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tuesday at the Table

Over the weekend, hubby and I had a fun morning at our local Pike Place Market that was worth documenting. We went on a Seattle Bites Food Tour, which was a wonderful way to get out and about and meet our step goals for the day, visit some market stands both familiar and new to us, and of course eat some tasty food. We've done food tours in Portland, Oregon and McKinney, Texas, but never in our own city. It was time.

Here's a listing of places we visited and what we ate!

Crepe de France - banana nutella crepe

Corner Produce - fresh Washington grown honeycrisp apple, nectarine, pluot
This stall has been open since 1957! There are actually 20 varieties of nectarines grown in Washington state, but I forget which we tasted.

Pike Place Chowder - New England clam chowder and vegetarian Lime & Coconut Chowder
Their backstory is a good one.

Pike's Pit BBQ - BBQ Bowl
Our guide called this a 'walkabout'.... basically a layering of beans, brisket, and slaw.

Uli's Famous Sausage - Italian chicken sausage
This is one stand we've visited and purchased from many times before.

Pure Food Fish Market - alderwood smoked salmon
Goodness this was good!

Ellenos Real Greek yogurt - honey yogurt with marionberry sause
Oh yum! I'll be looking for this in my local grocery store.

Mariscos Mexico - cod fish tacos
This was so good, we went back after the tour and had a full order. We'll be back!

As a postscript, our tour actually began inside the Seattle Art Museum, which is very near the market, and on our way out we stopped in the lobby to see and hear about a current exhibit, John Grades's Middle Fork, which "echoes the contours of a 140-year-old western hemlock tree located in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle." Get a glimpse, and if you want to know more, there's even a video. It was truly awe-inspiring.


  1. Mmm Ellenos! I had some when I visited Seattle years ago. So yummy!

  2. Wow! Looks like you had fun. That's what I enjoy about Pike Place Market, there's so much to see, taste and buy.
    Your tour started at the Seattle Art Museum, I've got to see that museum and check out the tour.
    Thanks for sharing the photos, inspiring.

  3. I always enjoy your foodie posts. I've pinned this one for a future trip to Seattle. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. What fun to have a food tour in your own city! My DH is usually not "up" for such ventures. We do love fish tacos though! Sounds like a great day!

  5. This was so interesting! I watched the video about the tree. Now my plan is to take visitors to Seattle to the museum to see the tree. Sounds like you had a great day!