Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Summer Sampler 2018 :: Fish Rack

It's Week 18 of the Summer Sampler, and that means the last travel-themed block of the quilt along. It's hard to believe we've been at this for over four months and very soon it's time to start putting our quilts together! This week, Daisy Aschehoug of Warm Folk shares a block she calls "Fish Rack," inspired by Norwegian rack for drying fish. Specifically, Daisy says, "The Fish Rack is based on the nomadic art project by architect Sami Rintala called 'SALT.' The series of large structures currently overlooks the Oslo Opera House and is modeled after the fish racks along the coast where, traditionally, fish were dried in the harsh winds before winter."

Funny thing (not) was I had no trouble with the paper-piecing itself this go-round. In fact, the matching went flawlessly. But. I messed up - twice - getting those side triangles on. Gee whiz. No worries, though, as it still came together pretty quickly and I'm more than pleased with the finish. What a striking block design.

So.... now we wait until next Monday for the final posting which will be the finishing directions. I have purchased several grays for the setting blocks, and won't know till I get a few up on the design wall if I like that choice. So stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I've thoroughly enjoyed our trip around the world - just look at all the places we've 'visited'! The theme of this year's sampler - Summer Road Trip - has added such a dimension to this quilt along, and I'm looking forward to seeing the map of blocks all come together.


  1. I have enjoyed following your progress. What a great theme idea!

  2. It has been a lot of fun watching this progress over the summer. I hope the grays work beautifully with your collection of blocks!

  3. what an interesting block! I've loved seeing your fabrics work together & can't wait to see your finished layout

  4. It's been fun traveling vicariously with all your beautiful quilt blocks! The finished quilt is sure to be stunning. Thanks for sharing!