Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Time with Giuseppe

Gotta say, it was a really fun weekend. Giuseppe Ribaudo/@giucy_giuce led two workshops with the Seattle MQG, and I had happily grabbed spots in both of them. First up was Modern Quilt Photography & Branding.

Giuseppe discussed several techniques for us to consider in taking photos of our projects - lots of helpful tips and sharing plenty of examples of each. His suggestion to make clear the message, "Don't forget for a moment that I made this thing," was a good reminder that as much as we want to show off our projects the best we can, they aren't made by machines, and it's ok to add some reality to our photos. I suppose it's a balancing act for each of us, right?

One handy takeaway was learning about the Snapseed photo editing app, which already has been interesting to play with.

After the lecture, we took to outside with our quilts in hand! Kinda fun wandering the neighborhood as a group, looking for possible photo spots and taking photos of each other's quilts. [Here's a few.]

The next day, I went back for some reallllly Tiny Piecing. I had curated a colorful combination of fall-ish scraps and stash to take with me, though after my first block - a micro log cabin measuring 4 1/2" - I realized the scale of some of them wasn't ideal. Still, I like my little block alot, and I'm thinking of making a quilted bag like Giuseppe had. He made a point to suggest that these small blocks are great to add to larger projects.

Anyway, for my next block I gave Giuseppe a wave and asked if he'd help me choose a selection of fabrics from those I'd brought with me. It was obviously second nature for him, and when we needed just one more print, he suggested I see if there was anything among his new Quantum scraps that would work. And of course there was - that dark green "Aquastone" was the perfect final touch. Here's the mix we came up with!

Oh yeah! Love this little pineapple block - just 3 1/2" square!

See? The second block is 'significantly' smaller than the first. ha.

I loved taking a break mid-day and walking around to see all the blocks my bee-mates were making. Really impressive!

So there's a little summary of my weekend. If you'd like to try your hand at tiny piecing, the block patterns are available for sale in Alison Glass' shop, either individually or as a set of four designs. I think I'll try the Stretched Geese next!


  1. These are sew sew cute! The colors seem more brilliant in the small slivers. Love your blocks.

  2. There's some exciting color mixes!
    I can see your class was inspiring, great opportunity.

  3. that must have been a fantastic weekend! and that tiny piecing... wow!

  4. Those workshops are always the best. And to see what the others are doing with the same technique is also really exciting.

  5. I am excited to go check out Snapseed myself after this. Giuseppe has such a marvelous eye, and I love how your pineapple block came together. Quantum is definitely on my wish list of fabrics, which is a rare thing for me to have!

  6. Giuseppe and his mini blocks have captured my interest for a long time! I think I would have enjoyed both of his classes immensely! Your blocks are killer good and the shot of all the blocks is the best eye candy ever!!

  7. Oh, that must have been a great weekend! The tiny piecing looks impressive. Too tiny is a bit too crazy for my taste but I love seeing it :)

  8. I can hardly believe how tiny those blocks are, such a skill to be able to make them so small. You sound like you got lots out of your weekend and had a great time.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day with Giuseppe! I especially like the idea of a group of quilters wandering around the landscape, looking for a photo opportunity! : )

  10. Tiny tiny tiny oh my! Must have been a good time. The photo class is right up your alley with all the great pics you always get of your quilts.