Thursday, February 7, 2019

One Week of Improv

When I saw Amy of Amy's Creative Side post about her One Week Improv Challenge, I was in the middle of quilting my I Heart You quilt, and I thought it would be a nice break between quilting sessions. I was right!

Day 1: Strip sets, or improv stripes, are one of my very favorite techniques to play with, so this block was a great way to start.

Day 2: I didn't really have many scraps from block one, so I just sewed straight from my scrap basket. Good news, it was fun; bad news is it's way more colorful than I'd planned for this project, so it probably won't be included with my other blocks.

Day 3: Oh improv triangles, you're always interesting to dabble with. Amy suggested the stitch and flip method, so I pretty much stuck with that.

Day 4: Of all the improv techniques, I think I've turned to the log cabin block more than any other. It didn't disappoint this time either.

Day 5: My first instinct with gentle curves is vertical, so I went with it. I could have gone on and on, but play time was up.

Day 6: Improv paper-piecing didn't come as natural as the others; in fact at one point I had to cut my paper in half and then seam it back together. But it all worked out and I kinda like it.

Day 7 was supposed to be making more of your favorite technique, but instead, I'm forging ahead in sewing my blocks into a cohesive project. Like I hinted before, I'm planning on putting the multi-colored block on the back. So stay tuned. More improv will be needed to get where I'm going.

Amy's One Week Improv Challenge is still available on her website, and you can start your own week any time. If you do, be sure and use the #improvwithamy hashtag to add to the improv block collection!


  1. I was thinking that Day 2 would be a great candidate for the back. Fun!

  2. That was fun to discover your blocks each day ! I'm sure you'll come up with an interesting layout.

  3. Greta collection of blocks, I really like all of the different techniques used and how cohesive they are.

  4. very cool. my February is spinning out of control. putting this on the back burner to maybe play with down the road

  5. I knew you would come up with something to do with the bright block! Love your color palette in this one!

  6. Oh those are great! Your colors are great for making this all work but Yvonne might be right for day two on the back. :)

  7. It might have been the hardest concept for you, the paperpiecing improv - but I loooove that block. But they are all great and I am looking forward to seeing you put them all together. That is always sooo intersting :) xo