Friday, February 8, 2019


In amongst the more involved projects of late have been just a couple of small ones I made as gifts. I used the same pattern for both - Anna/Noodlehead's Open Wide Zippered Pouch, a long-time favorite.

The first was the larger size made using an Essex print from Anna's own Forage collection paired with an Essex Yarn Dyed Classic Woven stripe. Gotta say I love the pairing.

My favorite little detail is the leather zipper tab, which I totally copied from Anna too. Even simpler than a fabric tab, and believe it or not, stitches together so easy. I did use a 90/14 needle and a longer stitch-length just to be sure.

The second was the medium size, and for it I used a cross-weave for the pouch upper, and an Essex Yarn Dyed Classic Woven plaid for the lower section. 

Oh, and a hot pink lining!

Again, I added a leather zipper tab, and since the zipper I used was longer than necessary, and thus trimmed off, I stitched all sides of the pull so the 'unfinished' end wouldn't show.

Just a tad wonky there, but as I like to say.... you can tell it was made by human hands, and I'm ok with that!


  1. I love the touch of the human element. Both look lovely and are sure to be well used!

  2. Just lovely, there is nothing like a handmade piece of art. x

  3. Those are beautiful. I adore that fabric.

  4. Love your fabric choices...very inspiring!

  5. I love these and that fabric.

  6. These are both so chic with your fabric choices. And that human element? My dad used to teach us that the warmth and life of a piece comes from the human element.

  7. Both are lovely. The fabrics and accessories fit together so well. But the second one can definitely come over and live here :)