Monday, November 25, 2019

The Latest Set

As far as I can tell, this was the 8th year I made a set of potholders for hubby's family gift exchange. Funny thing, I saw those from year one in our niece's kitchen this weekend, and though they had obviously been well-used, they were also holding up great. Yay!

So for this year, I was inspired by Jayne/Twiggy & Opal's Log Cabin Pot Holders tutorial over on bluprint. I didn't follow it exactly, in that instead of measuring the strips, I pulled and trimmed right from the solid scrap basket. But the distinct flavor remains.

As always, I quilted the potholders together with one layer each of Insul-Bright and Warm & White to make them heat-proof and sturdy. For backing I used the prettiest blue Moonscape in Dresden by Dear Stella. It along with the Kona Blueprint binding somehow brought all those colorful scraps together.

So this year's pair went home with our nephew, and I trust they will serve his family well.


  1. How wonderful you got to see that the first set is holding up well after 8 years; that is fabulous. The blue really pulls these together.

  2. I enjoy making potholders from test blocks or leftovers from quilts. My friend buys them from me to give her huge family or I gift them for hostess gifts, etc. I am just curious what dollar value your family gift exchange is each year. I may do the same for mine this year.

  3. lovely! so is this Jaynes tutorial or Svetlanas? You said Jayne here but Svetlana on IG, just curious

  4. Lovely! I love the blue you used for the binding and backing. It really lifts the colors. I think I need to make another set myself!

  5. It is a lovely and fun gift. Love the colors! And good to know they really do hold up, right?! xo