Thursday, January 30, 2020

January Fabric Usage

For ages Jeni/In Color Order has done monthly reports on her blog, highlighting her projects and such. Part of her report is also tracking her fabric stash - what she's brought in and used up. I've long been intrigued by that and finally 2020 is the year I'm going to try and do that too.

I started with Jeni's post How I Track My Fabric and Yarn Yardage, where she shares her spreadsheet, which I easily adapted for myself. She gives several tips on how to actually calculate fabric use, and that was really helpful.

SO, here's my first month's report! Much of what was 'brought in' was prep for the class with Anna Maria Horner, which wasn't all used, at least not for the top. Some has already gone into the stash; most will hopefully find its way into the backing. We'll see.

Of note: the largest use of stash was for three quilt backs - nearly 12 yards! Gotta say, it's felt good to be more conscious of the ins and outs, and I'm definitely hoping to keep it up.

January Fabric Usage
Used up: 17.83 yards
Brought in: 13 yards
Net: -4.83 yards
Year to date: -4.83 yards


  1. Yay! I'm excited that you're giving it a try. Great job on your first month!!

  2. That's good accounting practice. I try to keep the stats in my head.
    I don't do random 'cute' fabric buys or mindless stash 'building.' I've been working in series, then
    I can use up colors left over from one project for the next project.
    I admire accountants, I know that keeping stats can be obsessive, but I think that's the
    best way to go (not into obsession but paying attention to what the heck is going on!)
    Good post.

  3. hmmm nope I think doing that would just depress me! hahaha. Good for you!

  4. That's very impressive! It's generally the backs that I have to buy in for! Keeping track is good practice in sustainability! Maybe I should give it a try? I have certainly been more conscious of impulse buying in recent times, and sewing from my stash.